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NFL Week 6 - Records Define Teams

NFL Week 6 is in the books and oh what a week it was. I can comfortably say no one saw all of this coming. The old Parcell's saying "You are what your record says you are." rings especially true after NFL Week 6. Let's dive in!

NFL Week 6

Panthers 37 Buccaneers 26

London games are always a mystery until the players show how they are handling the English environment. I cracked up hearing Michael Irvin's voice as an announcer as I could just imagine the number of London clubs he had hit up in his stay there. Conversely watching the Buccaneers Jameis Winston stink up the stadium I had a strong feeling if the two had not hung out together they at least covered a lot of the same ground.  Winston went 30/54 for 400 yards, 1 TD and 5 interceptions. There is the game. Other than that the only think of note was former Bucs DT Gerald McCoy giving a shoutout to the Bucs sideline whenever he made a big play. Credited with 2.5 sacks and 2 more tackles for loss he had plenty of time to work out any lingering angst about the team that let him walk a year ago.

Seahawks 32 Browns 28

Oh, Russell Wilson. 22/33 for 294 yds, 2 TD and 0 picks. Sure Chris Carson had 124 yds on 24 carries and 1 TD but make no mistake, this was the Russell Wilson show. Against a talented Browns club that is trying to figure out how to win the Seahawks had to stay focused and patient. The Browns jumped out quick led by Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, and Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ had 6 receptions for 101 yards on 11 targets and Chubb pounded out 122 yds on 20 carries for 2 TD's. But as well as Mayfield played he also hurt his team for unlike his counterpart he was much too generous with the rock going 22/37 249 yards 1 TD and 3 picks. Bret Farve is an apt comparison for Mayfield and like Farve, until he finds the happy ground between reckless and aggressive the Browns will have frustrating game results.

Texans 31 Chiefs 24

What a game! Please tell me you caught some of it!?!? If not check out the highlights at the end of this section. CHOICE! As predicted the QB's were the story of the day. Patrick Mahomes is the future of the NFL. On one wheel he almost pulled off the comeback win. 19/35, 273 yds, 3 TD and 1 pick. Did I mention he was on one wheel? He tweaked the ankle he hurt last week early and you could see the effect on his game.  The Texans employed Deshaun Watson who is neck and neck with Mahomes in the talent department going 30/42, 280 yds, 1 TD and 2 picks. The difference is Watson had a running game to go with his output as Carlos Hyde put up 116 yards on 26 carries and 1 TD. The Texans also got good yardage from Watson himself and Duke Johnson. To be frank, it was more the Chiefs D being bad versus the run than the Texans' running game being good. It's a problem. Until the Chiefs can fix it look for more close, but disappointing outcomes.

Redskins 17 Dolphins 16

#TankBowl #Tanking4Tua The hashtags on social media were writing themselves. Here is what happened. The Phins benched QB Josh Rosen and put Fitzmagic back in the game. Losing by one point it is arguable as to if they are disappointed in the outcome.  The only good thing to come out of this game was Adrian Peterson logging 118 yards on 23 carries. Heck yes!

Teams tanking is bad for the fans of that team. Teams that do it should be forced to give refunds to ticket holders. Ok, getting off my soap box now.

Eagles 20 Vikings 38

As I pointed out last week, give Kirk Cousins some time to throw and a running game then sit back and watch the magic happen. 22/29, 333 yds, 4 TD and 1 pick. Now that is what the Vikes were paying for when they signed him. Running game is producing, WR corps is now happy as clams and the D can play some ball. For the Philadelphia Eagles, the cry and hue of frustration cover a gauntlet of targets.  Carson Wentz may not be the most likable QB in the world and still be learning the game but he is not their problem after going 26/40, 306 yards, 2 TD's and 1 pick. That after having 7 yards total in the 1st quarter. Two areas of MASSIVE need for the birds are WR and DB. They just don't have much at either. The drops by the WR corps were off the charts and the big plays allowed in the passing game by the defense lend credence to the rumor the entire back 7 have "toast" tattoos.  The only good news for Philly is they play in the same division as Dallas and Washington.

49ers 20 Rams 7

First the Niners. They are for real. Offense, defense, special teams, coaching and front office. Jimmy Garappolo went 24/33, 243 yds, 0 TD and 1 pick. A very Troy-Aikman-like performance as he did what the game plan requested of him, and on Sunday, that wasn't much as the defense was dominant. Just Dominant. Check out the highlights at the end of this section. Just fun to watch. If you are a 49er fan that is. How good was the San Fran D? Jared Goff went 13/24, 78 yards, 0 TD and 0 picks ONLY because a few were overturned on penalty.  He was sacked 4 times and hurried all day. The LA Rams ran the ball seven straight times on their first possession culminating in a TD. They only ran the ball 12 more times the entire game. The Rams are a team without a rudder. Their OLine is shot, their QB has lost his confidence and their elite RB is trying to keep his career going on one leg. The club has issues and it needs to face them head-on or risk being torn apart. Two teams, two different directions. Who knew?

Cowboys 22 Jets 24

The Dallas Cowboys and the LA Rams have a lot in common. So do the New York Jets and the Niners. These games were mirrors of each other. The Cowboys are a total wreck. Again, injuries to their vaunted offensive line have exposed issues with the lack of flexibility and responsiveness of the scheme they employ. They just don't adjust well. They do eventually, but often too late. The coach may be fired by the time you read this or he may be there for the next 10 years. Their QB turned down 30 million a year and depending on the oppontent he looks to be worth a lot more or a lot less. The WR corps can't stay healthy or catch the ball with consistency and the running game is at the mercy of the OLine and the score. The defense can't stop a running back after knowing this was a huge issue and acknowledging it in the offseason. There is no"one" issue with the Cowboys. It starts at the top with owner/GM Jerry Jones and trickles down. It's been 25 years since a Super Bowl for this club and with modern medicine extending life expectancy, it could be another 50 before real, effective change happens in Dallas as Jerry Jones is the cause and the cure for what ails this team.

For the Jets it's all smiles now that mono-boy is back and why not? They just turned their season around. Sam Darnold went 23/32 for 338 yds, 2 TD and 1 pick. Welcome back! His 93 yard TD pass was a thing of beauty. The team still has a LOT to work on and they only won by a thread to a late-charging Cowboys club. But they won. The Jet's should continue to improve. The Cowboys may very well continue to devolve.

Steelers 24 Chargers 17

Three late games and each one was a microcosm of the other. Here the team on the rise was the Pittsburgh Steelers and the team in a slow-motion train wreck the San Diego err Los Angeles Chargers who played an away game at home this week in a stadium filled with Steeler fans. Even the players commented. But hey, LA never wanted the Chargers and San Diego is a long way to drive to watch your team lose again. Truth hurts.

The Steelers are a team that is re-inventing itself. Gone is a LOT of talent from years past due to injury, deceit, and desire. Here to play however is a burgeoning group of talented players that are steeped in the "Steelers-Way" which is a real thing. A third-string QB and a rash of injuries just mean they had to find a different way to win. They did. There were no stars who normally total yards in the 100's complaining they did not get their looks. There were only smiles, camaraderie and style as they did it looking good in a home game on the west coast. For the Chargers, it was more of what is becoming a weekly farewell tour for the aging Philip Rivers. Another week, another multiple interception game from dropped, tipped passes and being forced to try and make something happen late. You can see his frustration building. Melvin Gordon is back but he missed all of camp and let's be frank here, he was never a top tier RB anyhow, he was/is the next level. He will improve the club but it is going to take a wee bit as they figure out how to best integrate him into the running game. It's a hard thing to watch.

A team on the rise, a team spiraling downward. that was the meta for Week 6.

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