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Holy Tuesday tackle report Batman! It's the NFL Insider, where we talk about what is being reported and what it means. For Oct 10th, 2019 the Chargers' season continues to implode, the New York Giants are facing the Patriots with 3rd and 4th stringers, Vontaze Burfict will have plenty of time for anger management, the NFL world has decided it's time to trade A.J. Green and Trubisky will be back for the Saints game. Unless he isn't.

Mike Pouncy's Year is Over - Perhaps Career

The club has put Mike Pouncy on the IR with a neck injury. Russell Okung is still out with blood clots. The team signed Ryan Groy to fill the void left by Pouncy and the line will now (probably) have only one guy playing the position he was practiced in camp at. Head coach Lynn shared that Pouncy was having season-ending surgery and that he the impact on his career was unknown. This, in a word, sucks.

Giants Announce Saquon Barkly, Gallman Out

The GMen put the word out both Saquon Barkly and Wayne Gallman are out for the next game. Which is to say Jon Hillman and Elijhaa Penny will be handling the backfield duties against New England. It's bad enough they Giants don't have their best player but having to replace him with 3rd and 4th stringers helps explain why Vegas has the Patriots 17 point favorites. Ouch.

Vontaze Burfict Suspension Upheld

On Wednesday the NFL announced the suspension for Burfict was upheld in arbitration. So the Raiders head coach Gruden, who professes Burfict is a team leader and will be missed,  has made it clear what he means when he touts signing guys with "character." We were able to sneak a peek at Gruden's own personal dictionary and it was illuminating.

Character - Noun - A quality that describes a person who can excel on the football field on game day.

Yep, that explains everything.

A.J. Green Trade

As the Bengals continue to lose and A.J. Green continues to age the world of NFL pundits has come to the conclusion he needs to be traded. So the powers that be would have you believe that coast-to-coast pundits spontaneously came to this conclusion. Right. What actually happened is the team has had it's "people" put out the word so they can gauge fan blowback as well as filter through the offers that will then occur. The team gets to deny everything to the fans, the agent and the player while all along the investigation as to the possibilities will continue in the public eye.

Now after all of that, the Patriots will put in a call (it's what they do) and kick the tires on this rumor to gauge the cost. Green has been beset by injuries the last few years and his return will not be as great as his resume. But if the Pats make a serious offer I am certain the Bengals would listen and the burgeoning connection between Tyler Boyd, John Ross, and Andy Dalton could give them the confidence to pull the trigger.

Mitchell Trubisky Back After the Bye

When you are waiting for your QB to recover from injury a bye week is a good thing. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that head coach Matt Nagy said Trubisky could be back for the Saints, after the bye week.

"He's feeling good." - Matt Nagy on QB Trubisky rehab

Nagy went on further to share Matt Trubisky has been in all of the meetings and was mentally on his game. He did add a word of caution, however.

“I hope he’s back. But I don’t know that. It could be something where it goes longer than that. I don’t know.” - Matt Nagy

In other words, head coaches, like politicians, like to cover their bases and come down solidly on both sides of a fence. To reiterate, officially, Trubisky will be back for the Saints, unless he is not.

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