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Holy Tuesday tackle report Batman! It's the NFL Insider, where we talk about what is being reported and what it means. For Oct 8th, 2019 Niners Nick Bosa plants HIS flag, Jay Gruden got fired and nobody noticed, the NFL losers, er, Draft order is taking shape and I learned a new word!

Nick Bosa Plants Flag on Baker Mayfield

Elite players are masters at self-motivation and one of the key tools is a long memory.

The backstory is here: Following the Sooners epic victory versus Ohio State in September of 2017 Baker Mayfield planted his team's flag at mid-field while he and the team danced in celebration around it. Suffice to say, this did not go over well with the Ohio State players.

Fast forward to this past Monday when former Buckey DE Nick Bosa was playing across from former Sooner QB Baker Mayfield. The Browns got dominated losing 31-3 with Mayfield getting benched in the 4th as he clearly was not in a good mental state. Bosa? He got 4 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 TFL, unlimited QB hurries, hits and pressures and the biggest In-Your-Face of the night (see below) when he planted his own flag after putting Mayfield on the turf.

Mayfield acknowledged Bosa specifically before the game to reporters and I don't see this love-fest going away any time soon. Mayfield is a bonafide NFL talent. However, he has shown a proclivity for making abrasive statements and has so far pretty much got away with it. As he makes his way around the league over the coming years his actions are almost assuredly going to result in more results like last nights.

He will learn. Or he won't. Either way, it will be a gas to watch!

Jay Gruden Got Fired - Nobody Noticed

The quick take was here. At this point Bill Callahan takes over [sidebar: he still has a Jerry Jones chip on his shoulder so expect a spirited matchup Cowboys Nation], Gruden admits he fell short, owner Daniel Snyder vows through a spokesperson no stone will be left unturned in the strive for ... yadda, yadda, yadda and ... nothing has changed in the nation's capital.

"I didn't get the job done." - Jay Gruden on his dismissal

You can talk about Gruden all you want. He was not the problem in Washington no more than the head coach has been the issue in Dallas for the last 20+ years. Ownership is the issue and that isn't going to change anytime soon. If you are a season ticket holder I hope you are really, really young. Like long-suffering Cardinal fans who had to wait for the son to grasp control to see their fortunes change (yes, harsh, I know) much the same here will be the only cure.

Jerry Jones once got a future Hall of Fame coach to come work with him in his de-facto GM role. It didn't help the Cowboys fortunes and the coach ended up quitting. Snyder could get Vince Lombardi to sign as a head coach and he would find a way to screw it up.

Sorry Redskins fans. Your team sucks. Get used to it.

NFL losers Draft Order Shapes Up

The NFL is all abuzz this week as the season has enough games in the bank for the top of the current NFL Draft order to start coming into focus. Another way of putting it is the worst teams in the league are starting to see how much their suckage will pay off.

If it is NFL Week 6 and your excited about your team's NFL Draft order hopefully you live in South Beach and have fantastic weather because your team is whack.

The headline news of this participating trophy excitement is the NFL Week 6 matchup between two teams with zero wins between them, the Dolphins and Redskins. Can't wait.

New Word! - Browning

During last night's blowout, a fan on Twitter introduced me to a new word and they used it a most appropriate manner describing the Browns as being in PEAK Browning mode. Interesting. It was actually easy to explicitly define as it was being played out before my eyes on the field.

And of course, that is exactly what the Browns have done. They have (again) somehow managed grasping defeat from the jaws of victory an art form. Like watching a new-technology train wreck in slow motion. Sure you wanted to see it get from New York to LA in 3 hours, but breaking apart in slow motion across the Nevada desert on national television is a story as well. All I'm saying is the next time you get on an Amtrack and the engineer looks like James Arther Haslam III with a conductor that resembles Baker Mayfield, I would think twice.

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