NFL 2019 Week 5 Rams vs Seahawks

NFL 2019 Week 5 Rams vs Seahawks A Heartbreaker for Greg the Leg

Thursday Night In the NFL 2019 Week 5 Rams vs Seahawks Lived up to the Hype

Thursday Night in the NFL 2019 week 5 Rams vs Seahawks had all the hype of a big game and it lived up to it! The Los Angeles Rams had a chance to win it late but a missed FG by the usually solid Greg Zuerlein was the difference tonight in a 30-29 win for the Seahawks, who did just enough to win.

After winning the toss and differing till the second half the Rams Kicked off to the Seattle Seahawks who started at the 25-yard line after a touchback. 4 plays in and Wade Phillips Defense was looking better than last week already, a Fumble by Jaron Brown after getting a pass from Russell Wilson and the Rams looked to be rolling.

The  Los Angeles Rams after getting a short field from the Fumble starting at Seattle’s 33-yard line, and making it into the Red Zone on their second they left points on the board leading only 6-0 with 4:55 left in the 1st quarter. Aaron Donald was a menace to start the game, disrupting almost every play.

Failing to put points on the board would come back to haunt the Rams as Russel Wilson and the Seahawks came right back with a drive of their own. Led by the run-first mentality of head coach Pete Carroll the Seahawks handed the ball off to Running Back Chris Carson 27 times for 118 yards, part of which led to the 1st quarter touchdown from Wilson to receiver Tyler Lockett for a Beautiful touchdown in the back of the endzone.

Russel Wilson picked it up and it was Back and Forth Second Quarter

Image result for russell wilson seahawks rams

The Seahawks left off where they ended the 1st Quarter, forcing the Rams into a 3 and out on their first possession. A big play from Russell Wilson to D.K. Metcalfe for 40 yards gave the Seahawks an 8-point lead halfway through the second quarter.

Goff started to get his grove with back to back 1st down passes to Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp for each of their first catches of the game. The Redzone once again became a problem as on 1st down Gurley ran up the middle for 3 yards but had the ball stripped and recovered by Jadeveon Clowney.

The Seahawks had the led and the ball and went back to what Head Coach Pete Carrol likes to do best, run the Ball. After running it a bit too much and looking for a hard count on a 4th and 1 the Rams took over after a Missed Field Goal by Jason Myers. If only the Seattle could run the ball 1 yard…

Que a perfectly led two-minute Drill by Jared Goff, Sean McVay and the Rams offense which had them going into the locker room with a 10 point swing. 12 plays and 1:28 was all Goff needed as the help of a penalty moved them further into the Seahawks end. Cooper Kupp converted on the drive with a 12-yard pass from Kupp and the Rams were only down 14-13 going into the half.  NFL 2019 week 5 Rams vs Seahawks was living up to the hype.

The Second Half of Great Football

Anyone looking for another exciting Thursday night game after last week's Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles game was not disappointed. The Rams received the ball and went right to work driving down the field in 6 plays and 2;53 minutes to take the lead 20-14 on an 8 Yard Todd Gurley Run. And after a quick 3 and out for the Seahawks you would think they had kept it going.

A punt pinning the Rams in at their own 1-yard line and then a Pass to Robert Woods from Goff on second down that was behind him and all of a sudden the Seahawks had the ball back on the 52 of the Rams after a punt. A nice mix of run and pass calls later the Seahawks were in the Endzone and back with the lead after a David Moore quick screen where Marcus Peters couldn't make the tackle and he walked in for the 21-20 lead.

The Rams came right back with a 27 yard first down play from Goff to Cooks, and then a big 32-yard pass to Gerald Everett which might have been in but the Rams elected to hurry up to the line and punch it in on a 1 yard TD run with Gurley.  Having not gone for 2 earlier L.A. choose to go for it now but was stopped leaving the score 26-21 up only 5 instead of 7.

The 3rd quarter ended with a whole bunch of penalties, a so so drive by the home team which helped get the crowd back into the game and the start of the 4th quarter in what was shaping up to be a great NFL 2019 week 5 Rams vs Seahawks classic Rivalry!

NFL 2019 week 5 Rams Vs Seahawks set the Standard For This Week

The Seattle Seahawks stalled their drive to start the 4th quarter and climbed within 2 points after a Field goal but it Was Jared Goff and the Rams turn to respond. A precision clinic down the field completing to Kupp, Woods, Higbee, led Jared Goff to another field goal and it was 29-24. NFL 2019 week 5 Rams vs Seahawks was going to come down to the wire.

Seattle went clinical in the next possession and held it from the 9:19 mark until 2:28 when they scored on a touchdown on a 4th and goal from the 5 to Chris Carson after Wilson threatened to run and Aqib Talib left him wide open. There was a lot of controversy on this drive as Clay Matthews was flagged for a questionable roughing the passer call.

With the Rams Trailing 30-29 with time to go Jared Goff looked like the QB of last year, but then there was the QB of this year and an interception after a review. Seattle played it safe and after using both their remaining timeouts and the 2-minute warning Los Angeles had a chance once again to win the game.

with 1:38 left it looked like the Rams were going to take it to Seattle at home and make all the "12th man" go home unhappy. Pinpoint passing to the sidelines by Goff brought the Rams to the 28-yard line with 15 seconds left, the perfect chance for their Pro-Bowl kicker to give them the victory. Good Snap, Good Hold, Wide by a foot to the right and the Rams lose 30-29.

Image result for greg zuerlein seahawks

Don't know what else you can say about this game NFL 2019 week 5 Rams Vs Seahawks, it lived up to the hype and the Rams had a chance to win. At least they played better than the last couple of weeks.

For more Content on the NFL check out the Week 5 NFC and AFC Power Rankings, don't forget to follow me on twitter as well.

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