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NFL Week 6 Outlook - Cream Rises

Thursday night football has been put to bed. Yet NFL Gameday is on the horizon which means it's time for the NFL Week 6 Outlook report and it this is is the week you can start to see the separation of the tiers between the NFL clubs. The cream really does rise to the top. But what are those things floating in the middle?

NFL Week 6 Outlook

Redskins at Dolphins

Two teams vying for supremacy of the 2020 NFL Draft. Since you asked, Washington has a lot of talent and has been underperforming in regards to that level on the field. New, interim head coach, Bill Callahan is old school and has some scores to settle. Future Hall of Fame RB Adrian Peterson is on record as liking the new approach and the level of physicality at practices has notably picked up. Miami did well to pick up some cast-off 1st-round picks from other teams, but they are going to face a team full of guys who just got hit in the face they are playing for their jobs every week. Where this is true for every NFL player to some degree, harsh realities await someone not aware when an owner like Daniel Snyder is focused and embarrassed. Look for the 'Skins to come out hot and heavy. They will fade in the 4th but it won't be enough.

Washington hurts their draft stock with the W.

Eagles at Vikings

Two talented, inconsistent teams who have been alternating between under-performing and flashes of what they are expected to be. Both clubs are well built. They are both facing injury woes. However, all that matters is the QB play. If Carson Wentz can continue to minimize his mistakes as he gains much-needed game time the Philadelphia Eagles will excel. Don't forget, he was on the injury shelf for two seasons of varying lengths. He is still learning the game. If the Vikings get what they paid for at any given time from Kirk Cousins the team has the ability to compete against anyone.

This game will be a great look at what the chances are for either team to take their game to the next level. The Vikes have the tools, put your money on the Birds from Philly.

Texans at Chiefs

Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. There ya go. Much like the Eagles/Vikes game, these two teams are entirely QB driven and what a ride they are! Patrick Mahomes is the new face of the NFL. When they are in the zone they are both electric. Mahomes has a bum ankle he is working through but the team is still finding ways to win. Watson and the tools around him are starting to coalesce having just dropped a 50-burger on the Falcons last week.

Who cares who wins? Take the over!

Editors Note: he picked the Chiefs

49ers at Rams

This could end up being the game of the year or the passing of the guard. The LA Rams have built a solid team. But after going all-in last season their roster has some talent holes due to free agency, issues at RB due to injury and a QB who is going through some growing pains as the league develops a playbook on him. The 49ers have a guy at the help with all the tools on paper who is in his first healthy year at the controls of a team he drives.

Both teams have the talent and the Rams are the guys coming off a Super Bowl appearance. But they are also coming off a Super Bowl loss and with Gurley one-legging it on game-day I like the youth, talent, and energy of the 49ers.

Cowboys at Jets

The Jets are a lower-tier team but they do have talent at the skill positions and some New York pride. The Cowboys are what they seem to be. A very talented team that is trying to find consistent ways to win. Especially QB Dak Prescott who no matter what he says is playing each week for the contract he has yet to get from the team. No pressure.

Look, the Cowboys "should" win this and win it going away. But they are vulnerable and a huge upset could happen here if Darnold gets the green light to play and creates enough offense to balance what Le'Veon Bell brings to the table the Jets could blow up at home versus a Cowboys squad that has all sorts of mental issues.

Cowboys take command in the second half.

Steelers at Chargers

Two teams looking through two different windows.

The injuries for the LA Chargers just keep piling on. With Pouncy going on the IR and perhaps ending his career Philip Rivers has to wonder if father time has enlisted the gods of fate to mess with his closing window of opportunity. Rivers is still playing at a high level but he isn't getting any younger and neither is this season as games the team should have won keep tabulating in the loss column.

On the other hand, the Steelers are hoping they continue to get a look at their possible QB of the future, Mason Rudolph, who is currently in concussion protocol.  It's being reported he has a chance to play and the club would love that even though the season is pretty much a bust.

Two teams. Two windows. Both teams will be letting it all hang out and the result should be one of the better games of the season.

Take the Chargers, Mason Rudolph be damned.

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