NFL week 17 spotlight

NFL Week 5 – Up is Down, Cats do Chase Dogs

NFL Week 5 has one more (Monday Night) Football game to be played but it is already one of the most WHACK weeks of the season. NFL where no team is safe.

NFL Week 5

Rams 29 Seahawks 30

A one-point loss and this back/forth seesaw contest was a BLAST to watch but painful for diehard Rams fans who are watching their SB Season dissipate one painful loss at a time. For Seahawks/Rusell Wilson fans, however, the day was glorious. Check out the highlights from the Thursday Night Football extravaganza below.

Jaguars 27 Panthers 34

Maybe one of the most entertaining games to watch of the year. Jags/Panthers?  Yes. Backup QB Kyle Allen goes 17/30, 181 yards and 1 TD. The most exciting back in football, Christian McCaffrey went 0/1 throwing the ball but added 176 yards and 2 TD’s on the ground along with 61 yards and another TD through the air. That is 237 all-purpose yards. The Jags countered with Leonard Fournette who tabs 108 yards and a touch on the ground and 29 catching the rock but the player of the day, and all year perhaps, is Jags QB, Gardner Minshew. The porn-stash-star went 26/44 for 374 yards, 2 TD’s and ZERO interceptions. What a freaking game! The Panthers pulled it out and with McCaffrey, one can see why, but the Jags are for real and after years and years of abuse at the positioin they finally have their QB.

Cardinals 26 Bengals 23

Kyler Murray got a win. Hey, it’s the Cards and the Bengals and did anyone watch this dawg? I have to admit, the replay is revealing as Murry is getting there. 20/32 for 253 yards and zero score or turnovers Murray, like Lamar Jackson above, got it done on the ground as well toting the rock 10 times for 93 yards and TD. End take? Andy Dalton throws a nice deep ball but is what he is. The Cards are bad on D but at QB … they are in good hands.

Falcons 32 Texan 53

Deshaun Watson dropped a 50 burger on the Falcons and I can’t take my eyes off the train wreck in Atlanta. They have talent. LOTS of it. From week to week you have no idea which team will show up. Versus the Texans only half of them did. Matt Ryan went 23 of 46 for 330 yards and 3 TD’s plus 1 INT. The rushing game got stuffed by the Texans D. Deshaun Watson was 28/33 for 426 yards and 5 TD’s. Five. More than four, less than six. WOW. The running game was effective for Houston getting over 100 from their 2 headed backfield but the day belonged to Watson and his WR corps. And by the way, Will Fuller? 14 receptions for 217 yards and 3 TD’s. PLEASE tell me he wasn’t on your fantasy bench.

Buccaneers 24 Saints 31

James Winston is for real. He is excelling under QB whisperer Burce Arians. Sunday he went 15/27, 204 yards and 2 TD’s versus a TOUGH Saints defense. Backup QB Teddy Bridgewater went 26/34 for 314 yards and 4 TD’s (1 INT) and the team who had better QB play and coaching (Sean Payton) won. Drew Brees will be back. Till then the Saints are in fine hands.

Vikings 28 Giants 10

The GMen are a team in transition. They have some key building pieces but need talent and require inspired play to win. The Vikings have the talent are trying to figure it all out. On Sunday the Vikes did and the GMen didn’t and that’s the story. Cousins and company were feeling it going 22/27 for 306 yards and 2 TD’s while Dalvin Cook went 21 carries for 132 yards. Adam Thielen had a day 7 receptions for 130 yards. The Giants lost their starting/backup RB Gallman to a concussion early and the 3rd/4th string guys did not get it done. Rookie QB Daniel Jones went 21/38, 183 yards and one each for TD’s and INT’s. Nothing to be ashamed here for New York. They played hard. they got beat. Going to be a long year. Vikings need to prove they can do it versus better teams.

Bears 21 Raiders 24

If you are a Bears fan your day started out really, really bad, got a LOT better in the 4th quarter but ultimately left you scratching your head. If you are an Oakland fan you are used to the roller coaster that is Raiders football and you buckled up and enjoyed the ride! Khalil Mack, Chase Daniel, David Montgomery, and company put on a show in the 4th. The problem is there are 4 quarters and the Raiders dominated those AND the last possession of the day for the Bears. Check out the highlights below. EPIC!

Jets 6 Eagles 31

When the Jet’s had to go with Luke Falk again at QB Le’ Veon Bell fantasy owners groaned. It was going to be a long day. It was. Luke Falk went 15/26, 120 yards and 2 INT. Do we need to explain further? When the Eagles D shows up they can play with anyone. They showed up. On the flip side, Carson Wentz was the good version and went 17/29 for 189 yards and 1 TD. You get QB play like that with suffocating D you get a win. Eagles are on top of the NFC East after a slow start.

Ravens 26 Steelers 23

The Ravens started it last year when they gave rookie QB Lamar Jackson the keys to the car. But they did not rest their entire future on one guy. They gave him a STOUT defense and they came to play yesterday. Jackson posted one of his worst lines going 19/28, 161 yards 1 TD and 3 INT’s. That’s ok because the Steelers had stats from 3 QB’s on the day as Devlin Hodges finished out the contest afer the Ravens D knocked Mason Rudolph out cold late in the game after hammering him the entire contest. Pittsburgh RB James Conner was held to 14 carries for 55 yards while the Ravens rushing game had no problems with Mark Ingram having a tough day running inside 19 times for a 2.3 per-carry average, however, QB Lamar Jackson (remember him) put up 70 yards on 14 carries and that is why he is so dang effective. Bad day passing? Ok, he will just run it down your throats. The worm has turned in the AFC South. Ravens are the new boys on the block.

Bills 14 Titans 7

Josh Allen goes 23/32 for 219 yards, 2 TD’s and 1 INT while the ageless Frank Gore adds 14 carries at 4.3 yards per tote. John Brown, Isaiah McKenzie, Duke Williams, Cole Beasley and T.J. Yeldon all got targets and did something with them. Who you ask? Exactly. Titans are the Titans. Mariotta went 12/22 for 183 yards and zero TD’s. The Titans had promise this season. They have promise every season. Bills are delivering.

Patriots 33 Redskins 7

How many opposing coaches has Bill Belichick retired? Well, he got another one as theRedskins fired Gruden this morning after loss number 5 of the season. Tom Brady 28/42 for 348 yards, 3 TD’s and 1 INT. There, now you know how it’s done. A solid running game, superior defense, and Tom Brady. Rinse, repeat.

Broncos 20 Chargers 13

Chargers had their Gordon back and their Mojo couldn’t be far behind right? Guess again as the Broncos brought the D with them and Rivers looked, pedestrian. This was the game it was all supposed to come together for the Boltz and instead they have been exposed as a team that overachieved late in the previous season. They will have to do the same thing this year if they hope to salvage the quickly shrinking Phillip Rivers SB window.

Packers 34 Cowboys 24

Cowboys fans can read Ben Grimaldi’s vent by clicking here. Green Bay Packers fans only need to watch the highlights below. There are a ton of them. Cowboys aren’t the undefeated powerhouse they aspired to be, nor are they the Redskins (see above.) What they are is a team seeking an identity and to be frank, right now, the only one they have is a club that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Dak Prescott is a talent. But is he a guy that can carry a team? It doesn’t look like it.

Colts 19 Chiefs 13

What can you say? The Colts’ defense is for real. The Colts’ QB Jacoby Brissett, he’s going to work out just fine and the head coach Frank Reich? Cool as a cucumber. Mahomes is pure entertainment but he needs both his wheels to make his magic. Don’t take my word for it, watch the highlights below!

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