2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks Top 10

2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks Top 10

It’s that time of the year again when we take a deep dive into the potential 2020 NFL Draft Cornerback Class.

This article, the 2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks Top 10, will cover, you guessed it, the best CBs looking to make an impact in the 2019 College season, before being drafted in 2020. So why wait? Let's do this thing!

Bryce Hall – Virginia

Bryce Hall – Virginia

Bryce Hall is a fascinating player to watch. He has good size, moves well and makes big plays. Height, length, and speed are all good as is his ability to force in-completions. In fact, he had 23 in 2018 which was the best in the nation. He is always hungry for the ball and competes well with any player he faces. Doesn’t get caught up in the tussle too much and you will rarely see a flag thrown against him.

Compete physically but not too much that he is penalized. The former WR is a must-watch in 2019, as he looks to be drafted in 2020.

Can be a little shaky when it comes to tackling at times, but its nothing to be concerned about. He made 46 tackles in 2018. That's why he is the best rated among the 2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks on my list.

Nearly perfect. Will be taken in the 1st round for sure. Look for him in the top 20 players of the 2020 draft.

Kristian Fulton – LSU

Kristian Fulton – LSU

Fulton hails from one of the best defensive back schools in the country, LSU. He is impressive in coverage and outplayed Greedy Williams in 2018. A smooth athlete who has been clocked at 4.4 over the 40. So, you know the NFL scouts will come calling this offseason.

He allowed only 17 catches to his man in 2018, that is outstanding for a young man in only his first full season. His footwork is incredible, he looks so comfortable on the field. Leverage is great, he mirrors players so well and uses the incredible turn of speed to react to their movements. He works well in man coverage, press coverage, and zone.

Missed the entire 2017 season for using someone else urine for a drug test. All reports out of the Tigers are that he is a reformed man and is nothing but a professional these days.

He will be one of the top 3 CBs taken in the class. Look for him in the 1st round. Top 15 if his 2019 college football season goes well. He is certainly a force of nature, thus, he ranks very high on my 2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks list.

Paulson Adebo – Stanford

Paulson Adebo – Stanford

After only one year of tape to go off, Paulson Adebo is the best CB in the nation. He may even be one of the best across the NFL. He has all the traits you look for in a corner and has no flaws. Great long speed, great man coverage potential, tracks the ball well and attacks it at the highest point.

He had 24 passes deflected in 2018 which was the best in the nation.

Range of attacking the ball is impeccable, has length and upper body strength and will pay physical with the best of them.

Adebo was a 4-star WR in high school and was committed to Notre Dame, but decided at the last minute to join Stanford as a Corner. The rest will be written in history. Made an incredible one-handed catch against Oregon which put him on everyone’s radar.

Will be the 1st corner taken off the board in the 2020 Draft. Look for him inside the top 10.

Jeff Gladney – TCU

Jeff Gladney – TCU

Gladney had the lowest passer rating allowed in 2018 and had a team-high 13 pass breakups which was 2nd in the big 12. He ran a very impressive 4.34- 40-yard dash at a recent testing day. He started all 13 games in 2018 and faced some heavy passing offenses in the Big 12. He dominated all of them. Some of the best WRs in college are in his division and he holds his own nicely.

He knows how to have success without being the perfect product.

At 185 pounds, you wouldn’t think that Gladney was a freak in the gym, but he is that and then some. He squats and incredible 620 pounds, benches 400 and cleans 400. That’s insane.

Great Corner. Will be better for returning for his senior season. Look for him in the 3rd round. I know that he will make an immediate impact on the NFL, thus, he makes #4 on my 2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks list.

Trevon Diggs – Alabama

Trevon Diggs – Alabama

Diggs is a good player who has been on NFL radars for some time. He came to Alabama as a WR. You can tell by the way he moves and is built. He is a good prospect and there are many things to like about this kid. He is tall and skinny and fights for every play. He is physical and reads plays well. His positioning is excellent.

Missed the back end of the 2018 season with an injury. Can be too physical at times and draw flags. Needs to chill out a bit on the field. Comes in too hard, when he should be watching a little more.

Trevon is the brother of Vikings WR Stefan Diggs

Solid prospect. Look for him in the 2nd round of 2020 NFL Draft.

Jeffrey Okudah – Ohio State

Jeffrey Okudah – Ohio State

Okudah is strong at the point of contact and will always make life hard for the attacker. He shows good skills in run support and reads the game well from the backfield. Recovery speed is also impressive. Okudah likes to bait players into attacking him, it never ends well for the offensive player. He seems to have guys on a string, he knows their move before they do. Loves to old players at length and then attack at the precise moment.

No interceptions. Ever.

Plenty of upside to this kid. Look for him in the 2nd round of the 2020 Draft.

Jaylon Johnson – Utah

Jaylon Johnson – Utah

Johnson is a talented CB. Anticipation is excellent, he sees everything in front of him. He knows his position so well and is a class above most guy. He is long and athletic and makes life hard for the offense.

He excels at everything he does whether it's on the field or as a student. Has four interceptions, four pass breakups and 41 tackles in 2018. He as a very high ceiling and will be looked at by most NFL teams.

Can get too grabby at times and get silly penalties against him. Needs to dial it back a bit.

Came up against JJ Arcega-Whiteside in 2018 and owned him with ease.

With a big 2019 season, Johnson could be on the edge of the 1st round. Most likely a 2nd round talent. He is a must for anybody's 2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks list.

C.J. Henderson – Florida

C.J. Henderson – Florida

Henderson can play corner and can play it well. The problem is there are so many good corners in the class and he doesn’t have anything to make him stand out. He will get the job done for you but won’t be as high as the others in the class.

He is athletic and explosive, shows good long speed and great recovery speed.

He had 38 tackles in 2018 and two sacks. He also amassed seven pass breakups and two intercepts.

Seems to guess what is happening at times and is wrong.

If he can produce the goods in 2019, he can be drafted late in the 2nd round.

Darnay Holmes – UCLA

Darnay Holmes – UCLA

This kid is quick. Like lighting. Ran a 4.3, 40 - yard dash and has been seen to chase down players with ease. The NFL will look favorably on this. He is a little undersized, but he gives it his all on every play. He will never be seen to be lazy. His production is decent, he can be risky and aggressive at times, but it works for him. Physicality is great. Will flip the field if he gets an intercept, no one will catch him.

Look for him in the 3rd round. Speed to burn.

A.J. Green – Oklahoma State

A.J. Green – Oklahoma State

Green will be drafted on name alone and that isn’t the worst thing. He is hungry for the ball, has a dog-like mentality, great footwork and balls skills and can match it with the bests WRs in the game. But he still needs to learn and grow into a better player.

Overaggressive, not in control of the situation, can be panicked a bit.

A big 2019 and we will see him drafted in the 3rd round.


Honourable 2020 NFL Draft Cornerbacks Mentions:

Damon Arnette – Ohio State

Essang Bassey – Wake Forest

Lavert Hill – Michigan


2020 NFL Draft Quarterbacks Top 10 - v1.0

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