Find Out What Fullbacks Stat Barstool Sports Develops

Find Out What Fullbacks Stat Barstool Sports Develops

Barstool Sports Introduces A New Fullbacks Stat

If you have followed my writing at all over the last few years, you know that my love for fullbacks has no bounds. They are underpaid, under-appreciated, and underrated. Their impact on the field is very rarely highlighted, yet they can have absolutely critical effects on the success of a team's running game.

Some think the position is dying because of the massive expansion of the passing game over the past two decades. On the contrary, it is even more important than ever. Now that linebackers are getting smaller and more athletic, fullbacks are able to be even more effective with their size and strength advantage. They could help bring back a golden age of running backs.

James Develin

I'm going to stop myself there because if I don't, you will be stuck reading 2000+ words on fullbacks. The whole point of this post is to highlight the fact that Barstool Sports has seemingly done the impossible: created a stat for fullbacks.

PFT Commenter, from the wildly popular Barstool Sports podcast, Pardon My Take, published a piece describing the new stat that they developed: The Fullback Assist (FBA).

Trust me, I know that PFT is famous for his satire, but this is as legit of a stat as you could imagine for this position. The Barstool Sports piece described an FBA as:

"A team scores a rushing TD from 5 yds in or closer and there is a lead blocker in play. On a couple of occasions, this can mean a designed QB draw where a tailback act’s as a de factor fullback leading the way for a score. But usually its more about hat on a hat football where you've got a guy plowing through the gap opening up a hole in the middle of the defense and letting his buddy get all the accolades."

PFT then went on to list the FBA leaders from last season, with Roosevelt Nix leading the league with seven. This means that Nix directly assisted on seven of the Steelers touchdowns last season. While none of the numbers will be ridiculously high, they will help highlight just how important fullbacks can be to rushing touchdowns in the NFL.

I have ranted for a long time that fullbacks (like offensive linemen) don't get the recognition they deserve. I can finally take a breather, and appreciate the beautiful work that PFT and Pardon My Take have accomplished here. God Bless Fullbacks.

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