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NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Quarterback Edition

1. Kyler Murray, Oklahoma, r-Junior (5'10" 207lbs)

Kyler Murray - QB


Board Ranking: #23

Round Grade: 2

Draft Prediction: Early Day One

2018 Heisman winner Kyler Murray is my top graded quarterback in this draft class due to his pure arm talent, athleticism inside and outside of the pocket, and the ability to make throws from multiple platforms. Murray stays very composed when dealing with pressure, and has a great feel for maneuvering the pocket. Though size is the big question surrounding Kyler Murray, his arm talent, poise in the pocket, and pocket mechanics are the best in this class.

2. Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State, r-Junior (6'3" 231lbs)

Dwayne Haskins - QB

Board Ranking: #52

Round Grade: 2-3

Draft Prediction: Mid Day One

As far as pure pocket passers go, former Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins may have the highest ceiling in that regard. Haskins has above average field vision, throws with nice anticipation when targeting the sideline and corners of the field, and absolutely dominated in 2018. Haskins along with his pocket passing skill set has ideal size for the position, and plenty of arm to match. Athleticism, inexperience, and pocket mobility are some of the biggest questions surrounding Dwayne Haskins, but he's a QB that will make his living in the pocket.

3. Drew Lock, Missouri, Senior (6'4" 228lbs)

Drew Lock - QB

Board Ranking: #73

Round Grade: 3

Round Prediction: Late Day One

Missouri's Drew Lock is one of the more intriguing QB prospects in this draft. The highs are extremely high, but the lows are extreme lows. Lock has games, series, and even drives where he looks like a sure-fire first-round pick, but then he'll go through games, series, and drives where you wouldn't want to touch him in the top 100. The arm talent and accuracy is there for Lock, but he still has some developing to do with his ball security, poise inside the pocket and accuracy in all three levels of the field.

4. Tyree Jackson, Buffalo, Junior (6'7" 249lbs)

Tyree Jackson - QB

Board Ranking: #116

Round Grade: 4

Round Prediction: Late Day Two

In a world where Josh Allen can go top 10, I'm surprised we aren't hearing more first round talk for Tyree Jackson. Jackson was built in a QB workshop and has a freaky size to match with freaky athleticism. Jackson has an absolute cannon for an arm, but the accuracy consistency of that cannon can be hit-or-miss. Jackson has signs of throwing with anticipation, deep ball accuracy, and velocity to fit the football into tight windows. If he can develop, Jackson's ceiling is sky-high.

5. Will Grier, West Virginia, r-Senior (6'1" 217lbs)

NFL Draft Top 10 Positional Rankings: Quarterback Edition 1

Board Ranking: #132

Round Grade: 4-5

Round Prediction: Early Day Two

Will Grier was one of the tougher evaluations for me in this quarterback class. West Virginia's offensive scheme limits the amount of down the field looks Grier gets, and the results were split when the ball wasn't getting out of his hand quickly. The Senior Bowl was a rough week for Grier, but the accuracy and arm strength are there for the former West Virginia quarterback. Grier will need to clean up his upper body mechanics, and deep ball accuracy if he wants to find success in the NFL.

6. Brett Rypien, Boise State, Senior (6'2" 210lbs)

Brett Rypien - QB

Board Ranking: #134

Round Grade: 5

Round Prediction: Day Three

There's nothing sexy when it comes to Boise State quarterback Brett Rypien, but he gets the job done, and does so with little problems. Rypien has a good feel for his deep ball and is able to let it fly on a line, but also get some touch under his ball to allow his wideouts to run under the football. Rypien had his struggles with short-to-intermediate accuracy and will need to show better pocket mobility, but Brett Rypien has plenty of intriguing traits to be a developmental quarterback at the next level.

7. Daniel Jones, Duke, r-Junior (6'5" 221lbs)

Daniel Jones - QB

Board Ranking: #144

Round Grade: 5

Round Prediction: Mid Day One

One of the more polarizing prospects in this draft class is Duke QB, Daniel Jones. Jones, a likely top 20 pick was a roller-coaster of an evaluation from me, and I cam away very displeased. Similar to Will Grier, Jones plays in a scheme that forced him to get the football out very fast, when the football wasn't coming out quick and on time Jones had more negatives than positives. Jones struggled with accuracy in the intermediate to deeper portions of the field and lacked the anticipation skills to get the football into tight windows from the far hash. Jones has nice athleticism, and excelled as a runner for Duke, but has a long ways to go as a pure passer.

8. Jarrett Stidham, Auburn, r-Junior (6'2" 218lbs)

Jarrett Stidham - QB


Board Ranking: #168

Round Grade: 5

Round Prediction: Late Day Two-Early Day Three

Coming into the year, many had Jarrett Stidham as their top quarterback heading into the year. After a down year, many evaluators took another look at the tape and came away disappointed. Stidham looked like a completely different player from 2017 to 2018 and struggled with ball security and trusting what he saw on the field. While positive signs of arm talent and decision making is scattered throughout the tape, Stidham has a long ways to go with his pocket poise, accuracy, and anticipation if he wants to stick around in the NFL.

9. Gardner Minshew, Washington State, Senior (6'1" 225lbs)

Gardner Minshew - QB

Board Ranking: #209

Round Grade: 6

Round Prediction: Late Day Three

When drafting quarterbacks in the later rounds, you're normally taking chances on guys with intriguing traits, Gardner Minshew, is not one of those guys. Minshew is a guy who excels due to his leadership, work ethic, and accuracy in the short-intermediate portion of the field. Minshew lacks arm strength, deep ball feel, and anticipation, but could find a role as a backup due to his intangibles and bus driver traits.

10. Easton Stick, North Dakota State, Senior (6'1" 224lbs)

Easton Stick - QB

Board Ranking: #228

Round Grade: 7

Round Prediction: Late Day Three

Unlike Gardner Minshew, Easton Stick does have a handful of quality traits as a late-round quarterback. From his impressive two-way potential to his poise in the pocket, many teams may view Easton Stick as one of the top developmental quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL Draft. Stick had his struggles at the Shrine Game and lacks the ideal arm talent and accuracy down the field to be considered anything more than a developmental backup, but he's still a player that can excel in that role in the right scheme.

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