NFC Week 4 Power Rankings 2019

NFC Week 4 Power Rankings 2019

NFC Power Rankings Week 4

Hello NFL fan! We have NFC Week 4 Power Rankings ready for you. This week Spinksy, James & Van will share their power ranking tables and tell you a little bit why they chose the specific power ranking order in the comments below. Find out more about AFC Power Ranking Week 4 here on Sports Talk Line, or check out official NFL Power Ranking for even more in-depth power ranking information.

Joshua Griffith
Steven Van Over
Green Bay, Packers, NFC North1121
Dallas, Cowboys, NFC East2212
Los Angeles, Rams, NFC West3333
San Francisco, 49ers, NFC West4444
New Orleans, Saints, NFC South5568
Minnesota, Vikings, NFC North6776
Detroit, Lions, NFC North7957
Chicago, Bears, NFC North88105
Seattle, Seahawks, NFC West96810
Philadelphia, Eagles, NFC East1010129
Atlanta, Falcons, NFC South11111311
New York, Giants, NFC East12131112
Tampa Bay, Buccaneers, NFC South1314913
Carolina, Panthers, NFC South14121414
Arizona, Cardinals, NFC West15151516
Washington, Redskins, NFC East16161615
joshuagriffithAaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have looked very good against two-division rivals doing just enough to win which should scare people because if Rodgers is healthy they could go a long way.  The Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams are also 3-0 but haven't either played good opponents or had to show what they are made of to get the number one spot for me, and the San Francisco 49er's while being perfect are still hit and miss until Jimmy Garapalou show more right now.  New Orlean's despite being without Drew Bree's still looked like the team that made the conference finals last year against a very solid Seahawks squad. Minnesota looks good again this year and I have both them and the Bears who won Convinclingly Monday night ahead of the undefeated Lions, I don't see Matt Stafford having enough weapons. Atlanta, Carolina, and Philadelphia I can see turning things around but for the other 4 it should be more long seasons with QB's centered around all of it.
chrisspinksThe Cowboys, Rams, Packers and 49ers are setting the standard across the NFL through the first three weeks. The Giants make moves up the list this week and the Eagles drop hard. The Seahawks need to pull a lot to together to be relevant in 2019. Things are looking ugly already for many teams at the bottom of this list.
stevenvanoverRemember, this is power rankings, not standings. Packers on top due to strength of schedule. Cowboys right behind but the Rams are a distant third. They have issues. The surprising 49ers surge into the 4th spot and they deserve it. Bears I have at #5. Trubisky does enough and D does the rest. Vikes are a total team and starting to find their groove. Lions keep finding ways to win and you have to respect that. The Saints had a week to work on the Bridgewater situation. Chalk up a W and they are one week closer to Brees returning. Eagles, Seahawks and Falcons are 3 teams with a lot of talent playing poorly for various reasons. Giants over the Bucs? Answered on the field. Panthers & Skins have QB issues. Cards are missing the other 52 guys.

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