Colts’ Andrew Luck retires

QB Karma Wheel Crushes Team as Colts’ Andrew Luck Retires

The Colts’ Andrew Luck retires and how do the sayings go? “Karma doesn’t blink.” “The wheel of karmas is inexorable.” “Karma is a fickle ...” well, you get the idea. Karma is nothing to mess with and the Indianapolis Colts did just that when in 2011/2012 they decided to kick their future Hall of Fame QB to the curb in exchange for the collegiate “sure thing” at the position that was going to be available in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Flash back to 2011. There was a LOT going on in Indianapolis. The club was coming off a 2010 NFL Wild Card loss. Future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning had neck surgery on May 23rd that eventually resulted in him missing the entire season. The NFL Lockout was also in full play directly impacting the rehab ability/concerns for Manning.

That season from hell for Colts fans owner Jim Isray  (reportedly) directed the team to lose assuring their draft position then (definitely) fired the GM that had built their Super Bowl winning team, Bill Polian, in advance of cutting the QB he drafted that guided the team to Lombardi glory.

Karma Took Notice

After being told by the team he was no longer in their plans and being cut, Manning had an emotional press conference thanking the fans for the honor of playing for them. Total class. The organization was busy gushing over their new “sure thing” at QB that would lead the team to even greater heights. Totally classless.

Manning took his Lombardi credentials and fused neck to Denver while the Colts’ brass was giddy as they selected the future “sure thing” at QB and visions of multiple Super Bowls danced in their heads.

The next years were telling as both QB’s settled into a routine of excelling on the field while fighting injury. At the end of the day the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning ended up with another Super Bowl and the respect of a nation for a warrior born getting it done one more time. For the Colt’s it did didn’t quite work out like that.

Colts Andrew Luck Retires

To be clear, Andrew Luck is a warrior. The man had all the wrong kind of luck in the NFL as he quickly settled into an injury routine cycle that to be frank would bring lesser men to their knees.

This story is not about Andrew Luck. It’s about decisions made by ruthless NFL owners who have never given one iota of blood, sweat or tears their players sacrifice every time they step on the gridiron. This story is about an owner who took the face of the franchise and told him in very clear terms “You are done. We no longer believe in you. Good by.”

Well the owner has no idea what a warrior really is let alone how to identify one. That much is clear. Something else that’s clear?

“A Lombardi winning QB in hand is worth a Sure Thing QB no matter how much Luck you (think) you have.”

One other thing becomes clear as we look back at this mess. Want to know why NFL players are willing to hold out for their fair share of coin versus any NFL owner? Just look at the above. NFL owners want loyalty to only go their way and I for one am quietly pleased the Wheel of Karma has kicked one of these guys right where they deserved it. The fans (per the norm) are the ones that carry the freight however.

What say you Sports Nation?

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