Troubles At Inter

There is a narrative among Inter fans that Luciano Spalletti needs to be sacked now. This is after the recent slump Inter is experiencing. It is common in modern football for fans to be impatient.

I feel there is no need to sack him yet. He should be given more time. Inter experienced a slump last season too and he got the club out of it. He did something no other Inter manager did which was to arrest a slump. Normally, when there is a slump, Inter goes in free fall.

By doing so, he got into the Champions League for the first time in 7 years. He deserved credit for the work he did last season to get Inter back on track after a slump in results.

We hope he can do the same this season. I would say though that it is taking longer than expected for him to get Inter out of their present slump after his experience last season. I really like him as a manager as he has got Inter playing well. He is the manager Inter needs now to at least get Inter into the Champions League consistently.

I am not too sure though if he is the manager that can lead Inter to glory again. I hope I am wrong though. He spoke in his pre-match press conference before the match against Bologna that he shouldn’t be held culpable for years of lack of success at the club. I agree with him on that.

The process is gradual and would take time. The transfer market operations in pre-season has not had very good results. Ideally, Joao Cancelo and Rafinha, two key players last season on loan at Inter would have been signed permanently.

In a different time, I am sure Massimo Moratti would have splashed the cash to sign those two and probably even sign Cristiano Ronaldo. However, these are more prudent times and Inter couldn’t afford to sign either.

Inter signed World Cup runner up Sime Vrsaljko on loan but that has failed. He was used in rotation with Danilo D’Ambrosio and was affected by injuries eventually succumbing to a season-ending injury.

The strategy of signing an experienced player like Radja Nainggolan to help Inter cope with playing in the Champions League is not working out. Nainggolan has not settled at all. He has also been troubled with injuries and poor discipline. He does look like a player that is looking like he is past his best.

Matteo Politano and Stefan De Vrij are the only two signings made that have been positive. Keita Balde Diao and Lautaro Martinez have not quite set the world alight. We have seen their best in bits, not consistently enough.

Last season, it was significant that Spalletti got Brozovic to play well consistently and he played a key role in Inter’s revival.  This season, I hope someone like Roberto Gagliardini who has not played as much can be the player that is revitalized.

I hope as well that Keita Balde and Martinez could be players that can give Inter a boost. The January transfer window has not helped Inter as well. There have been reports of more than one player being dissatisfied. The club and the manager have to get these players on track at least until the end of the season.

The captain Mauro Icardi has not looked himself since his agent started speaking about a new contract publicly. It is not the first time that Icardi through his agent is publicly requesting for a contract renewal and higher wages.

This is not the first time that when the going gets tough, he goes missing. It happened when he released his autobiography criticizing the Inter fans and the fans turned on him at San Siro. I will not say he is not trying hard. I will just say that he looks distracted and disinterested.

As far as I am concerned, I don’t feel he is captain material or a leader at all. He is poorly managed and advised by his wife-agent Wanda Nara. He has one very important quality and that is his ability to put the ball into the back of the net. Aside from that, there is nothing particularly impressive about him as a player.

I have faith in the present Inter management and new CEO Beppe Marotta on how to deal with the situation of dissatisfied players. He would have a lot of experience to count on as well as the knowledge. If there is any player that wants to leave, they can leave but at the right price and terms for the club.

Between now and the end of the season, they are stuck with the club and as professionals, they should give their best for the club until then. Modern players though are not known to be that selfless and it is a worry that if this is not resolved, Inter and Spalletti cannot stop this slump.

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