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Whitecaps Ranko Veselinovic Interview 2020: Getting To Know "That Serbian Guy"

Interview With Newest Whitecaps Ranko Veselinovic 2020

I was recently able to speak to Ranko Veselinovic the newest Vancouver Whitecap. "That Serbian Guy" fits in perfectly for the second episode of "The Unnamed Sports Show". After chatting off camera a bit I was blown away by the 21-year-old Serbians English. He was very well-spoken and happy to talk about everything from his start in Football to his recent move to Vancouver.


Of course, I wanted to make sure he was staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. I asked how he was holding up?

"It's a tough situation for everybody you know, we have to be careful with our health to stay safe. because we are athletes it's really hard for us."

"We have to stay in our apartments and stay safe, stay fit with our exercise we got  from the club, our personal programs, and we need to be patient to wait for this stuff to pass and then we can go back to the things we love the most playing Football."

Ranko Veselinovic And His Start To Football

I really wanted to get to know the newest Whitecaps FC Center Back Ranko Veselinovic. I asked him about how he got started in his football career. Starting from a young age in Serbia and what made that a major sport for him?

Ranko Veselinovic Whitecaps FC

"Well, I started to play football when I was a kid when I was 6 years old and I really liked it from my beginning. I really felt this is something special for me and I really love this game... it was just fun to hang out with my friends and enjoy [it]."

We would talk more about his early career and how he got into Football in his hometown in Serbia and you can check out the full interview below. He made a decision to focus on the most important parts of the sport, working hard, and having fun.

Serbian National Team Call Up And The Letter

I asked Rank Veselinovic from the Vancouver Whitecaps FC about his time with the Serbian Nation team. From his call up at an early age with the 14 and 15-year-old team, on the under 17 team, and on the under 21 team. I asked him about what it was like to get the call up for Serbia?

"I still remember the first time, cause in Serbia with the National team they send mail to the club which players are called for the next national duties. I remember when I was a kid maybe 14 or 15 years [old] and the first time this paper. When I came there it was a really special feeling."

Ranko Veselinovic

"Year by year I was continued to call to play for the national team. When I was 17 we qualified for the Euros (Under 17's), and that's a really special thing for me because it's really great when you can go to the national scene and you can represent your family and your friends and everyone in your country. Those games you never forget."

I talked more with Ranko Veselinovic and his idols on the Football pitch and his goal last season with Super Liga. He and I both hope he can score more for the Vancouver Whitecaps this season.

Check Out The Full Interview With Ranko Veselinovic From The Vancouver Whitecaps

Make sure to check out the full interview with Ranko Veselinovic from the Vancouver Whitecaps Scroll ahead to the 26:40 mark of the video to go straight to the interview with Ranko Veselinovic.

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