Champions And Europa League Finals

French League 1 Helped English Premier League Domination

Champions and European League Finals Are Dominated By Premier League Clubs

On May 29th Chelsea and Arsenal will battle in Baku for a Europa League Title two days later Liverpool will face Tottenham in Madrid in Champions League Final. It’s the first time in the history of modern football when teams from one country would dominate both European competitions. Why were the English Teams the first to achieve this remarkable achievement?

In last few years both tournaments titles were dominated by Spanish Teams. Real Madrid won 3 consecutive Champions League. Sevilla and Atletico Madrid occasionally interrupted by English Teams. It’s easy to argue that the Spanish League is dominating the world of soccer. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar played in Spain. The key part of the previous sentence is “played”. Nowadays, Neymar left for PSG, Ronaldo left for Juventus, so the last musketeer staying in Spain is Messi. After Neymar’s departure and becoming the most expensive signing in the history of football. Neymar was the first player in the history of football that showed that every player can be bought. His remarkable 200+ mil Euro buyout clause was triggered in summer 2017.

Barca Is To Blame

This was arguably the moment when Spanish La Liga Giant, Barcelona, became responsible for the league's downfall. The void left after Neymar Jr., at the time, the 3rd best player at the moment couldn’t be filled by Ousama Dembele for whom Barca paid over 120+ mil Euro nor by Liverpool’s prodigy Coutinho (140+ mil Euro). At the end of the day, Barca was worse off because they lost their rising star. The void after Neymar was never filled despite Barcelona paying more money for his replacement than they got from the deal.

After Real Madrid won their 3rd consecutive Champions League victory over Liverpool in 2018 Ronaldo and Real Manager Zinedine Zidan left the club seeking new challenges in Serie A. This double move weekend Serie A position even further.

In the meantime, English Premier League clubs were buying and most importantly growing talent locally. A prime example of rising stars in Premier League are Liverpool’s Alexander Arnold, Manchester United’s Scott McTominay, Arsenal’s Matteo Guendouzi, Tottenham’s Harry Winks, or Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi. All these young prospects managed to become starters or rotational players in one of the toughest teams to break through in the world. Four out of these young talents will have a chance to start in the Champions League or European Finals.

French League 1 Giants Inspired By Manchester City Transformation

Well… Let’s browse back to 2008. Why this particular year you may ask. It was a year that started a new era of football. Sheikh Mansour bought the club for £210 mil. He was the one who showed the rest of the team owners that if you have enough money you can get a mediocre team to compete for titles. Not much later, in 2011, Qatar Sports Investments bought PSG with a vision to get a quality team to be the best team in Europe. There was a problem though. Qatar Sports Investments were not the only people that got that idea. Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev purchased a majority share of Monaco FC from the Monaco Royal Family. Since then both French League 1 clubs were slowly eroding the foundations of football. It took barely 8 years before they started convincing players from the rest of the world and also prominent European Leagues to join their ranks.

Most of the European Leagues got affected by the idea of Money top players and managers were coming - Ibrahimovic and Neymar are the two best known. That being said they were not the only superstars that joined PSG in recent years. The fact that French Teams can leverage and pay ridiculous transfer sums and salaries for players is something that eroded the foundations of Spanish La Liga. La Liga has strict requirements on salaries and requires each player to have a buyout clause.

Key To Premier League Success

English Premier League is very competitive and unlike other football leagues has more than 2 teams that compete for a league title every year. Historically speaking Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City won league titles in recent years Liverpool got very very close once again but couldn’t trump Manchester City once again. Tottenham is very consistent in committing for the highest positions which frequently grants them European football. High top-level competition and unpredictable title race, remember Leicester, by more than 2 or 3 teams attract fans, sponsors, TV stations, journalists, and most importantly top quality talent players.

All the above-mentioned facts make Premier League the most exciting football league at the moment. The fact that the French League 1 is attracting talent from the other leagues only helps to bolster Premier League dominant position.

Let’s see who of the two Champions and European league finals teams will be victorious. If you want me to tell you who I plan to bet my money on. Well, I can tell you that I will sure bet it on the English team.

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