Coutinho Will Have To Wait For Champions League Title

Coutinho Will Have To Wait For Champions League Title

What's Up With Coutinho?

Phillipe Coutinho became the second most expensive signing in Football History in January 2018. He joined Mascherano and Suarez, two former Liverpool FC players that signed in for Barcelona. Coutinho believed that he will be able to fill the void after Neymar Jr. departure from Barcelona in summer 2017. At the time, Coutinho was loved and admired by Liverpool fans and his departure felt like a betrayal by many. In reality, Coutinho's departure was the best that could have happened to Liverpool.

Liverpool was reluctant to sell Coutinho, arguably, their best player at the time for cheap. However, every player is for sale if the price is right. For Liverpool, the price tag was £121.5m. This money influx helped Liverpool fund the most expensive defender signing - Virgil Van Dijk £76.19m and the most expensive goalie Allison Becker £58.50m. These two players helped Jurgen Klopp to turn Liverpool into a force to be reckoned with.

Coutinho believed that in Barcelona he could reach his full potential. He also believed that his former teammate Suarez and Messi will get the best out of him. He hoped that in Barcelona he could reach his full potential and win trophies that he would never win with Liverpool. Yes, Coutinho did win in his first half season and second season Spanish La Liga Title. No disrespect but Barca would win the La Liga Title even without Coutinho. In Coutinho's first season Barca was already so many points ahead of their competition that they really didn't need Coutinho's services. Since Coutinho signed in January he was not eligible to play for Barcelona in Champions League play-off stages anyhow. Instead, he could have helped Liverpool. Liverpool believed that 2017/18 super signing Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Bobby Firminho and Phillipe Coutinho would help Liverpool challenge for Premier and Champions League titles.

We can only argue how different 2018 Champions League Finals would end if Coutinho stayed in Liverpool.

Coutinho's Champions League Misfortune Continues

If there is a person that should believe in Karma it's Phillipe Coutinho. Only a season later Coutinho and his new teammates faced Liverpool in Champions League Semi-Finals. The first round of the Semis was in Camp Nou. Barcelona was phenomenal on their home turf. Suarez and Messi destroyed Liverpool on score sheet 3-0. In reality, the game stats - ball possession, passes, and shots were actually in favor of Liverpool. How often do you see a team losing 3-0 and winning the game, or advancing to the next stage of the championship?

Remember May 25th, 2005? It was the day of Champions League Finals in Istanbul. A day that AC Milan was leading 3-0 in half time over Liverpool. Do you remember who won that day? Yes, Liverpool! It was arguably the best Champions League Finals ever (especially if you are a Liverpool fan). Football fans could witness another of Liverpool's Champions magical performances on May 7th, 2019.

If you knew that Liverpool lost to Barca 3-0 in the first round of Champions League Semi-Finals would you bet your money on Liverpool advancing to the Final? I do not think so. And yet, Liverpool against all odds beat Barcelona at Anfield 4-0. I can only imagine how Coutinho, a player that believed that Barcelona is the place to be to win Champions League must feel knowing that the club he left not even two seasons ago is two years in a row in Champions League finals and is in the race for Premier League Title in the same time.

Is Coutinho really that unfortunate or did just Karma bite him in the ass for leaving Liverpool in mid-season rather than helping Liverpool until the end of the season?

On June 1st, Liverpool will have Tottenham in Champions League 2019 Finals in Madrid. Coutinho will once watch the game only in his telly. I wonder if he regrets his decision to sign for Barcelona a tad too early...

Let's see if Champions League Final goes in favor of Liverpool's magic or Tottenham's voodoo. Yes, Tottenham must have tapped into the dark magic because what they showed in their second rounds against Manchester City and Ajax was incredible!

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