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FIFA reject Chelsea's Appeal of Transfer Ban

Huge news coming in this morning. FIFA have just announced that they have decided to uphold the transfer ban for Chelsea.

This meaning that the club will not be allowed to sign senior players for the next 2 transfer window. So what now for Chelsea?

The next step and the last hope for the English club is to go to the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) to get the ban frozen and overturned.

In case you are not aware, read more about it here!

However, this comes as a big surprise, shock, it what you may, but FIFA has allowed Chelsea to sign players under the age of 16 - the same reason why in the first place Chelsea was given the transfer ban! Ironic, you may think. Not to FIFA.

A statement released by Fifa today said: The Fifa Appeal Committee has decided to partially uphold the appeal lodged by Chelsea FC against the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to sanction the club with a ban on registering new players at both national and international level for the next two complete and consecutive registration periods. 

“This ban applied to the club as a whole – with the exception of the women’s and futsal teams – and did not prevent the release of players.

Read the full statement here

To be honest, it did not seem as though FIFA would overturn their decision. It was all about the men in Blue having enough time to approach the CAS for a ruling in their favor.

If Chelsea does fail to get their desired verdict, it would be a very, very interesting summer for the club. Making the squad for the Premier League and the Champions League with the current set of players and the loanees. Not to mention the decision on players wanting out.

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