Manchester City's January in Review

Manchester City’s January Review

The premier league has approached the final third of the season, and the race is truly on. January proved to be predominantly successful for the Blues, however, there was one slight set back. In the month of the January City played 8 games, with 7 wins and 1 loss. The team is in good health, and this is positive because of the extra games due to competitions.

Initially looking at the premier league, Manchester City played 4 games, won 3 and lost 1. With the title race on the line, a loss is extremely significant, especially at this point in the season.

Premier League Games

The first and most significant game this month was against Liverpool, it finished as a 2-1 victory. The win against Liverpool was truly needed, it kept City in the race for the title. Jurgen Klopp’s men have proven they mean business this season and are providing a serious task for Pep Guardiola.

The next two premier league games they played were both 3-0 victories, those teams were Wolverhampton and Huddersfield. Both of these games were easy fought victories, where Manchester City showed their offensive prowess. The team to this point had obtained the maximum 9 points from these three games. The team had one more game in the premier league this month, however, this result was drastically different.

The final game in the premier league in January was against Newcastle, which resulted in a 2-1 loss. Manchester City struck first in the first minute from Agüero, however, this was the only positive of the game. The team then specifically in the second half seemed to fall asleep, where they conceded two goals. Three points at this point in the season are huge, something which has proven to put Manchester City a game behind.

Cup games

Manchester City has also been active in cup games in January, playing four games and winning all of them. Two of the games were in the Carabao Cup, and two were in the FA Cup.

Starting with the Carabao Cup, they played both games in the semi-final against Burton. In the first leg, City dominated and won 9-0, a crushing victory essentially securing a spot in the final. This scoring was led by Gabriel Jesus, who scored 4 goals on his own. The second leg of this fixture was another win, but with a much smaller margin of victory. The game finished 1-0 which means City won 10-0 on aggregate, sending them to the final against Chelsea. This competition is the first piece of silverware up for grabs this season, and it will be played February 24th.

Moving to the FA Cup, Manchester City played and won in both the 3rd and 4th round. In the 3rd round they faced Rotherham, this game finished 7-0 and all goals were scored by different players. The second game in the FA cup was against Burnley, and it was another impressive win, this time 5-0. This game also saw a variety of goal scorers, these games showed the versatility City have which makes them dangerous.


The team are alive in all 4 competitions this season and are hoping to bring home a lot of trophies. Their situation is one which many teams desire to be in, and under Pep’s leadership, they have been phenomenal. The team continues to impress the world with their results, and show no signs of slowing up. This February is drastically important for the Blues, they are playing in many different tournaments. A huge focus for them, however, is catching up to Liverpool, with them dropping points recently things are looking positive for City.

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