Liverpool Champions on The Move

Liverpool Champions On The Move

It's been only a day since Premier League 2019/20 season ended and the rumor mill will take a full swing. That being said we already know about a few players that will not wear the same jersey. Today we will look at the Liverpool Champions on the Move aka Liverpool lads that part ways with Jurgen's Klopp side.

There are several names that we knew are not in Klopp's plan for seasons to come so let's dive in and see who is ready for a new challenge.

Adam Lallana signing for Brighton

Lallana has been with LFC for 5 years and since his signing, he showed glimpses of his technical abilities. Sadly injuries plagued pretty much every season he played for the Reds and couldn't live up to his potential.

Adam Lallana had that something special. He was different from other English players, technically gifted dribbler was not something we were used to from Englishmen.

The best deal for both parties was to part ways because Lallana couldn't secure regular football and with new additions to the team - Minamino, and academy lad Curtis Jones he saw himself feature very sporadically and only for a few minutes. I honestly cannot remember when Lallana played a full game for Liverpool.

Lallana will be missed by many but business is business. Adam Lallana was very close on the pitch and off to Jurgen Klopp actually, he lived literally next door to him but as said before favoritism doesn't have room in top-level sports and Managers must play players best suited for the match to come.

Lallana has agreed to sign for lower tier Premier League club Brighton. Brighton is arguably what Lallana really needs. If he can stay injury free he can be a great addition to Brighton that can use his technical abilities. Lallana was a free transfer and unless he gets a serious injury early on he will start paying dividends quickly! Great early business done by Brighton, Kudos!

The only one question remains after Lallana leaving Liverpool... Will Klopp's new neighbor also going to play for LFC.

Dejan Lovren Moving To Russia

Another confirmed Liverpool champions on the move is Liverpool's defender Dejan Lovren. Lovren has agreed to join Russian champions Zenit.

Many LFC fans are happy to see Dejan leave Liverpool FC because of his lapses in the form that caused Liverpool many valuable points and wins, however, people tend to remember only his lapses, not his contributions.

Dejan Lovren has had his share of injuries that stopped once the most expensive LFC defender from staying at the peak of his potential for long.

Lovren has agreed to join Zenit, Russian Champion, so he is "arguably" staying on the same level, unlike Adam Lallana who clearly downgraded in his club-quality demands. That being said Russian league is nowhere as competitive as Premier League.

LFC sold Lovren to Russian Champions for 12 million, which I think was a very good business.

Players Rumored to Leave Liverpool

Lallana and Lovren are definitely not the only two players that will be leaving Liverpool FC this summer. It is very likely that Jurgen Klopp will want to get rid off more of the dead/injury prone wood.

Xhendar Shaquiri is extremely likely to leave LFC this summer. Shaquiri similarly to Lallana has been cursed with injuries that prevented Shaquiri, Swiss international, to fulfill his potential.

Many people, including me, got excited when Shaquiri joined LFC but his career has not been anything close to what any of the parties expected some even criticized Shaquiri and his contribution to Premier League Title.

There have been some rumors that Shaquiri's next destination maybe Turkey.

Loris Karius - has been a controversial figure in Liverpool and not too many people will want to see Karius ever play for Liverpool again. Karius is a great keeper, definitely more mature than he was in his last game for Liverpool in Champions League Finals vs Real Madrid but does he stand a chance against Alisson Becker?

Alisson is without question in the top 3 best goalkeepers in the world and Karius on his good day can make the top 20, so I don't think that it's in anybody's interest to keep Karius on the sideline because he is wasting his potential. Heis arguably too good to be #2 but no way in hell he can become Liverpool's #1 when Allison is around.

So what's your take on Liverpool Champions on the move?

How well do you think these players will do with their new clubs?

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