Saved By The Bellerin Transfer Reliability Guide

Saved By The Bellerin Football Transfer Reliability Guide 2020

Check out Saved By The Bellerin Football Transfer Reliability Guide. Find out which sources to trust and where you find a lot of click baits.

Well, as we slowly cruise into what can only be described as a strange turn of events in regard to the Premier League, thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic, a lot have changes have been brought around us, including an impromptu break in play which has left clubs with 9-10 games remaining, kind of like an early end to the season and a special kind of Pre-Season going into 20/21.

Another thing that has come askew with the Pandemic panic, is the transfer window! And those of you who are pretty regular listeners or readers of the Podcast and its material will know we here are absolute suckers, for transfer news and updates and we attempt to bring you the most up-to-date information as any story progresses.

One thing you will find during the transfer window is the abundance of outlets and editorials that bring you the much-anticipated news, some with quality information and others well, not so much. But which ones are which and how do you go about differentiating?! Fear not! Because here at Saved by the Bellerín we’ve put together a comprehensive list of those “sources”, from the prime cuts to the binned remains! So, shall we?

First, let us look at what each tier entails or covers.

Football Transfer Reliability Guide 2020 Criteria

Tier 1: These are the guys you look to when you want to be sure there’s legs in a rumour. They may not necessarily break the story, but if they’re discussing it, there’s at least a modicum of truth and sometimes the deal is as good as done.

Tier 2: The guys who you know definitely have the sources and connections out there but aren’t impervious to being late to, or incorrect on, a transfer story. Definitely an authority on transfers and multiple tier 2 reports would equate to a tier 1.

Tier 3: Unreliable when left to their own devices. Usually seen swimming around in a sea of rumours, trying to catch a big fish and stake a claim to it! They’re almost at the level of clickbait merchant. Possibility of some truth in the stories, but generally can’t be trusted.

Tier 4: The evolution of a tier 3. Categorically cannot be trusted and ultimately exist to make money from clickbait headlines and false stories, sometimes even to the extent of falsifying quotes. Scum of the editorial industry.

Now, we’ve taken a lot of time going through these outlets, editorials, TV and radio shows, and here’s what we’ve come up with as a general consensus. So take a look and make a note!

List of Transfer Reliable Sources

Tier 1 – Di Marzio, Fabrizio Romano, Sky Italia (Serie A only), David Ornstein, RMC (Mohamed Bouhafsi), BILD, Kicker, Ruhr Nachrichten (Schalke and Dortmund specific), Telegraaf (Mike Verweij – Netherlands), Voetbal International (Netherlands), RAC1 (Spain), Cadena SER, Cadena Cope, Partidazocope (audio show for Cadena Cope), Mundo Deportivo (Edu Polo), Globoesporte.

Tier 2 – RTP 1 (Portugal), oJogo (Portugal), Alfredo Pedulla, Romeo Agresti, Reviersport (Primarily Schalke), Der Westen (Germany), Sky Germany, L’Equipe, Raphael Honigstein, Amy Lawrence (Arsenal), LigTV (Turkey), NTVSpor (Turkey), Millyet (Serdar Saridag – Turkey), Hürriyet Gazetesi (Ahmet Ercanlar, Fenerbahçe primarily – Turkey), beIN Sport, Sid Lowe (Spain), Radio Catalunya (Barça – Spain), Matt Law (Chelsea), Melissa Reddy (Liverpool), Ed Aarons (Spurs).

Tier 3 – The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Independent, aBola (Portugal), Record (Portugal), Il Tempo (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), TuttoSport (Italy), Nicolò Schira, Alexis Bernard, Le Parisien (France), Soccerlink (France), Paris United (France), Guillem Balague, Diariao AS (Spain), Mundo Deportivo (Spain), SPORT (Spain), Onda Cero (Spain), Sport 1 (Germany), Sport Witness.

Tier 4 – The Sun, Duncan Castles, Ian McGarry, The Metro, NBC Sports, MARCA (Spain), Fotomac (Turkey), Fanatik (Turkey), Hurriyet (Turkey), Aspor (Turkey), Bleacher Report, Miguel Delaney, TalkSPORT, Indykaila, 90min, Don Balon, Eldesmarque, Caught Offside, HITC.

So there you have it, a huge database of sources, sorted for your convenience. It should be noted of course that even some of the editorials in Tier 3, will have for some part, the odd reliable story, and not every Journalist working for them will be waking up each morning with the objective of making up rubbish for money… This is just an average scale on those outlets.

Check out more info from Saved By The Bellerin crew here on Sports Talk Line, or check out the latest Saved By The Bellerin YouTube videos.

Let me know what’s your opinion on Saved By The Bellerin Football Transfer Reliability Guide 2020 and follow me on Twitter.

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