Wesley Fofana to Arsenal Latest Rumors

Wesley Fofana to Arsenal Latest Rumors

Wesley Fofana Rumor So Far

Having raided St Etienne for their highly-rated young center back William Saliba, It seems as if Arsenal are back again, this time for William’s highly rated defensive partner Wesley Fofana.

Wesley Fofana - Player profile 19/20 | Transfermarkt

 According to multiple reports, Arsenal are looking to sign Wesley Fofana in a similar type of deal like the one Arsenal done with St Etienne before for William Saliba. The French club are increasingly worried about losing the young center back. Arsenal would look to secure the deal in the upcoming window to gain the players' signature but let him remain at the Liege 1 side, St Etienne. This would be beneficial for both parties as it would allow St Etienne to keep a valued asset albeit on loan.

From an Arsenal perspective, it would be beneficial for the young center back to gain minutes on the pitch to learn his trade and most importantly gain experience. This is the most important aspect is gaining experience for Wesley as it would enable him to come to arsenal a year later with that experience under his belt and would hopefully come as a more complete center back.


Arsenal are battling with a host of European clubs to secure the signature of Wesley Fofana most notably it seems Everton are the club that’s most interested alongside Arsenal.

Player profile

In this segment, I want to look at the strengths and weaknesses/ Area to improve Wesley Fofana.

Wesley Fofana is currently enjoying a very good season for St Etienne helping them to 4th in Ligue 1 Fofana Conforama has started in 13 games in the League

Strengths – Standing at 6 foot 2 inches he got an imposing frame for a center-back. Wesley Fofana uses his frame to be aggressive and dominant in challenges and also to use his height to have an impressive reach when intercepting balls also with his height this makes him a real aerial threat in both areas something Arsenal has been missing.

Wesley Fofana often plays on the right side of the center back pairing but is able to interchange throughout the game and is comfortable in either center back position. One thing you don’t usually associate with taller players is blistering pace, Fofana has this in abundance, this is really helpful for when you are chasing back towards your goal to make the last-ditch challenge.  His challenges in these situations is really spot on rarely mistimed.

Weaknesses/ Area to improve

I feel one of Wesley Fofana’s weaknesses and an area to improve is his decision making which is to be expected with a young center back and as we’ve already talked about earlier I believe that him staying at St Etienne for another year gaining that vital experience will help with his decision making on the ball when playing out of the back.

Arteta’s Player Plan

With the rumor of Wesley Fofana coming to the carpet at the emirates I strongly believe his signing would be the long term successor to David Luiz who has currently a year left on his contract and with Wesley coming in a years time it would tie into Arsenal’s forward planning. Even if David Luiz received a year’s extension he could teach and mentor Both William Saliba and Wesley Fofana.

Looking at the profiles of the Center-backs Arsenal has been looking at Wesley Fofana Fits the Profile down to a tee. Arteta seems to want a physical, quick, ball-playing defender who is able to cover the ground with ease and is able to be agile in defensive positions.

 This would give Mikel Arteta a lot of options when setting out his team and would give the team a very solid base to build from when playing out of the back. Also having center backs that are able to play both the left side and right side of the center back positions opens up the pitch when if needed to go long.

For example, you are playing a right-footed defender in the left center-back slot, when they play the ball to the left-winger the ball would then drift out of play or would make the left-winger adjust their body shape when receiving the ball. This would then stop any speed of counter-attack and allow the opposition to regroup.

My Overall rating of the potential signing of Wesley Fofana would be an 8 out 10, I believe he has all the attributes to succeed at Arsenal.

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