Interview With Marcel De Jong

Amazing Interview With Marcel De Jong From Pacific FC 2020

An Interview With Marcel De Jong

I was lucky enough to have an interview with Marcel De Jong from Pacific FC. We talked about his start in the sport at a young age in Holland. His move to the Bundesliga with FC Augsburg and his time there. And then we would go on to talk about his move to the Canadian Premier League with Pacific FC.

Marcel De Jong is one of those people you could listen to talk for hours. I pushed my next guest back a bit as I couldn't get enough! Sorry Spinsky, but I knew you would understand!

Interview With Marcel De Jong

I also spoke with Marcel about why he loves sports so much for the love of sports part 4. You can check that out right here on the Sports Talk Lines website in case you missed it.

I Asked Pacific FC Marcel De Jong How He Is Doing During These Times

I have Marcel De Jong from Pacific FC joining me now, Hi Marcel thank you for joining me. How are you and your family holding up during these tough times? Is everyone staying safe and healthy?

Marcel De Jong was obviously disappointed about not being out there playing but happy to have extra time with the family.

"Yeah so far so good actually. Haven't had over the years this long of a time to spend with my family so it's extra nice, to be honest."

I would continue to keep the conversation on the family in my interview with Marcel De Jong from Pacific FC. I asked if he has taken on much of a homeschooling role with his daughter during these times?

"Yeah Kind of, I still think I'm kind of doing a good job. It's not easy, I respect the teachers a lot more now, so that's something I've noticed. It's not easy to keep the kids focused, I am already struggling with one keeping her focused but it's good."

My interview with Marcel De Jong would go on a bit more about his home life. You can watch it all on my 3rd Episode of The Unnamed Sports Show for the Sports Talk Line Network.

FC Augsburg And The Bundesliga

We would switch gears in my interview with Marcel De Jong and get into the Bundesliga that has started up and his time with FC Augsburg. We have live Football back with the K League and now this last weekend with the Bundesliga resuming play. Did you watch it at all? what did you make of it?

Marcel wasn't, "No. To be honest, I watched the highlights and all that, but I didn't really watch it live." My Interview with Marcel De Jong would continue on as we continued to chat Bundesliga.

"One of the things I did notice was no fans so that's kind of sad. The game of Soccer without fans is obviously not the same. Cause obviously the fans make the atmosphere and give you that little extra push in the last 10-15 minutes."

I asked him about his 6 seasons with FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga including 41 appearances with the team in the first German division. What as your experiences like, with the league, the style of play, and the culture?

Interview With Marcel De Jong
Marcel De Jong

"I had the best time there and it was just amazing. Obviously, a dream come true to play in one of the highest leagues in Europe. At first, when you grow up in Holland you don't think you are going to Germany, you are going to the enemy." Said Marcel which brought a laugh from both of us.

"Surprisingly it turned out to be the best 5 years of [our lives], and my career. I got married there my daughter was born there so overall it was a really really good experience." It was clear in my Interview with Marcel De jong the impact his time in the Bundesliga had on him.

The Move To Pacific FC 2019 For Marcel

You made the move over to Pacific FC in February of 2019 in what was a very big signing for the Canadian Premier League. A tough injury last season held you out of all but 2 appearances. And then this year… well, this year… You must be itching and motivated more than anyone to get back on the pitch and resume competitive play?

You could tell in my interview with Marcel De Jong it was something that was a setback but he didn't let it stand in his way of getting back to the pitch and the game he loves.

Interview With Marcel De Jong

"I was happy with the move to Pacific FC and am still happy with the move. But obviously, you know the second training second in the season I ruptured my Achilles, so season over. I tried to come back, had a really fast recovery. I wasn't 100% fit but I just wanted to be out there once or twice in the season for myself and the fans..."

Marcel De Jong would go on to talk more about the move to Pacific FC 2019 and his return to play late in the season. We would also chat more about his goals for this season with the team.

Make sure to check out the full interview with Marcel De Jong on the Sports Talk Line YouTube Channel at the end.

Some Of The Best Moments In His Soccer Career...So Far!

Marcel De Jong has had a great career, so far! I asked him about what were his most memorable moments with the Canadian Men's National Team. And just in his playing time in general in my Interview with Marcel De Jong.

"Favorite moment? Not really sure, I guess just being out there with the team and traveling. Even though sometimes, for example, the Honduras game, where we had [a] big loss. I won't say the numbers."

"If you think back on it you could be in the hotel and the fans outside the hotel the day before the game. The motorcycles, the cars are loud. Revving their engines really loud till 3 am."

That is it.

Check Out my Interview With Marcel De Jong

I spoke in-depth with Marcel De Jong on the 3rd episode of the Unnamed Sports Show. Make sure to check out the full interview right here and fast forward to the 22:30 to skip right to the Interview with Marcel De Jong.

The Unnamed Sports Show Episode 3

Stay tuned to Sports Talk Line as I will be covering Pacific FC a bit more and the Canadian Premier League. It was an exciting first season last year and it deserves more coverage when it gets back underway and in the years to come.

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