Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 Strategically For The Huge Win

Twitter was the site for the Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 showdown. Colorado was coming off two big wins and was undefeated on the pitch this season. Vancouver lost its home opener to Sporting KC but rebounded against the LA Galaxy. The Whitecaps vs Rapids looked to redeem themselves on home turf. It was a Saturday afternoon event that brought a lot of joy to many sports fans, journalists and photographers alike.

Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4
It's Not Football, But Hey It Works!

Saturday started bleak with no sign of major sports insight. MLS will not be going for at least 30 days but that didn't stop the Whitecaps Media team from keeping the action going. An early morning challenge and the Rapids were on notice!

For a time when we don't have sports to look forward too and things are being cancelled left and right. It was nice to see a match was actually going to happen. The fact that it happened to be Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 didn't seem to stop the excitement. Vancouver tried to keep the squad on their usual routine.

Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4

After the American National anthem was sung Marie Hue stepped up to deliver a riveting O' Canada to the 20,000 + plus in attendance. There was thought of opening the upper half but not enough staff could be called into action.

It seemed both teams were strict to MLS rules as the Match didn't officially kick off until 10 minutes after 4. much to the delight of the fans. They were really going all out for the fan experience of this game.

Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 Excited Everyone

The Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 would kick right down the middle by the home squad. They were trying to play out of the back early and so was Colorado. Some quick action and we were boxed up in the middle. The West End was very loud with chants coming up from the Southsiders of "Boundary Road".

Colorado was quick to try and exploit the wide areas of Vancouver. Coach Marc Dos Santos clearly had a plan to keep things working down the middle and it looked good to start the match. the Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 was turning out to be the sporting event we didn't know we needed.

Both teams held strong to their strategy with Vancouver trying to play through the midfield. And Colorado working things from the outside. The Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 game seemed to be a battle of two different strategies.

It was great to see from both sides the kind of joy they were sparking across the league. Everyone was most likely wondering why #VANvCOL was circulating twitter.

The Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 would continue in dramatic fashion. Neither team needed to make a sub as all the blue and red dots were in top form for Saturdays Match. Colorado coach robin Fraser was really trying to play things wide and he was not able to get an advantage. Vancouver was able to force things back in the middle and make the Rapids defend.

Things were getting exciting and Vancouver looked to have Colorado right where they wanted late in the match. The Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 match was set up for a fantastic finish. The Couch Ultras were out in full force and could sense a victory after some close chances for the home side.

The Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 would make no substitutions because well... It was Connect 4. Vancouver was the more aggressive team throughout the match. Clearly thinking of this idea well before the Rapids did. To be fair they gave them a lot of time in advance to prepare. MDS had his side ready to go in the second home fixture of the season.

Fans and Media alike continued to take interest in the Match. BTS (Between The Sticks) was your main media outlet on the scene were giving fans everything y wanted. The rest of were able to filter in and provide coverage and pictures.

The Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 was able to solidify a victory late with some great tactics on the board. After forcing the hand of Colorado to try and defend two different attacks from the midfield.

Things looked all but sealed late for the Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4. The Fans were starting to sense a victory and wanted to be heard! You could really see the passion on a day like today.

Vancouver would head in for the kill at the death for the victory. Some smart moves in the midfield to set up a goal late and Fans were happier than ever with the result. MDS played a strong squad and it paid off. Colorado came to play with little notice and their fans were appreciative of the effort.

The Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 was able to end it in dramatic fashion. Setting the table in the middle they forced Colorado into a pick one or the other option. the attackers for Vancouver made no mistake and sealed the Victory. Residual Images was able to capture the final shot in a beautiful Photo! Goes to show the talent behind the Camera so give the man a follow if you don't already!

It was a fantastic showing by both squads. And the Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 just happened to be what we all needed. Both teams might play next week and after this little showing for the fans, I think we will get more games. Whether it's more Connect 4 or tic-tac-toe it is very clear fans want it! Even the Optimist Union got involved with the fun.

Vancouver will look to repeat the performance gains the Rapids when the face off against NYCFC next week. Hopefully, we will have another exciting match of something to get us through the rough times.

Whitecaps vs Rapids Connect 4 Match Highlightes

The Whitecaps were able to take care of the Rapids this afternoon from Twitter. It was a well-played match by coach MDS and the Vancouver squad. Check out all the match highlights right here.

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