Tottenham vs Liverpool 2020 AKA

Tottenham vs Liverpool 2020 AKA Epic Battle "Special One" vs "Humble One"

January 11 is a long-expected date for Premier League supporters. Jose Mourinho is back and he will face Jurgen Klopp at home. It's been a while since Tottenham vs Liverpool game wen in Coys favor. To be exact 810 days. Liverpool lost to Tottenham last time on October 22, 2017, 4-1.

Some fans may recall that Dejan Lovren did not have his best day and still apparently injured could not compete with Harry Kane's brilliance.

Since then, Liverpool saw themselves victorious on 4 different occasions including Champions League final in 2019.

Will it be any different this time around?

Probably not... But we will see how/if the "Special One" vs "Humble One" brings any surprises. Yes, I call Jurgen the "Humble One" not the "Normal One' he ain't normal and everybody knows that he is just being humble because he does not want it to blow up in his face!

Liverpool has dominated Premier League so far and the only team able to take points away from Liverpool was their arch enemy - Manchester United.

Tottenham vs Liverpool Preview

What Will Be Different

Arguably Mourinho's Tottenham is a better team than his Manchester United that being said it's unlikely to see Mourinho obliterate Liverpool.

Mourinho will play it smart. He always does. Fans that have been around and seen a few games that the "Special One" managed saw him cleverly switching between formations but never risking his defense.

Mourinho's counter-attacking style of play is ideally suited for players like Del Ali and Son who will certainly feature in Tottenham vs Liverpool game.

That being said Mourinho loves to park the bus as often as he can and create this unpenetrable wall that frustrates ill-discipline teams. Unfortunately for Mourinho, Liverpool team has shown perseverance and mental toughness throughout this season.

Tottenham and Liverpool Injury Update

No doubt that both teams will bring their A lineups despite Tottenham and Liverpool suffering some serious injury drawbacks.

Tottenham is likely to feature Hugo Lloris, who has been out with an injury since October. Lloris being back would be a massive boost for Coys. While earlier January loss of CM Mousa Sissoko and forward Harry Kane will be a massive confidence drops.

Harry Kane Injury update - Kane will not feature vs Liverpool

Liverpool will bring their big guns - Salah, Firminho, Mane arguably the best attacking trio in the world these days. However, Liverpool may suffer defensively with VVD being the only A level center back healthy to start.

Joel Matip has been out since October, Dejan Lovren is out since mid-December and I am sorry but Joe Gomez is not there yet. Lapses in Gomez's concentration cost Liverpool points last season and he often finds himself outside of position

Dejan Lovren Injury update - Lovren will not feature vs Tottenham

Liverpool also suffered some serious mid injuries that force Jurgen Klopp to adapt his game strategy to players that are available for him with Keita and Faginho out Jordan Henderson once again has to step up and play in not his most favorite CDM position. Lucky for Klopp, Liverpool is a team with great depth and quality that can compensate for unfortunate injuries that keep adding up.

What Should Fans Expect

Tottenham vs Liverpool 2020 AKA "Special One" vs "Humble One"

Liverpool will start aggressively and will hope to score an early goal. That's the best way to prevent Mourinho park the bus but rather force him to play football.

Liverpool will be the more active team and will control the tempo and the pace of the game. Henderson will be sitting deep and both LFC fullbacks will be helping offensively with cheeky passes. This may prove to be fatal for either team because it is very likely that Son will try to exploit the right side of Liverpool Defense with Alexander Arnold out of his defensive position and Joe Gomez not being able to match Son's qualities.

Alisson and Lloris will both have a busy day with each conceding at least one goal in the Tottenham vs Liverpool battle

It's always hard to make any score prediction or assumption but if I would have to bet my money on the match (and I don't and this is not any sort of betting advice just my humble opinion) I would bet my money on a draw.

Yes, I said it Liverpool will likely drop points tomorrow because Mourinho will park the bus and counter-attack as much as he can. Son and Del Ali have been amazing this year and I believe that they will make lives difficult for LFC

Get more amazing football news here on Sports Talk Line and let me know what you think about Tottenham vs Liverpool 2020 AKA "Special One" vs "Humble One". Find out about the latest January transfer Trades and Rumors and have a great day!

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