Bayern vs Tottenham: 3-1 Incredible Pinball Goal Won The game

Bayern vs Tottenham: 3-1 Incredible Pinball Goal Won The game

It's not an understatement to say that Bayern Munich is enjoying the Champions League group stage this season. Winning all group stage games is never easy no matter who is your opponent. Bayern vs Tottenham was an eventful game but a game that was decided before it even started.

Bayern hosted Tottenham in the last game of the Champions League group stage and many fans and pundits predicted that the "Special One" will figure out how to beat their German adversary but that was not the case.

Mourinho clearly didn't want to see another humiliating defeat as the one Tottenham suffered at home vs Bayern earlier in 2019. He even forbid fans from watching the highlights and promising that this time around it's gonna be different.

Tottenham showed some threat here and there but overall they were not even close to the quality of the Germans.

Despite a loss, Tottenham will still qualify for the playoff rounds of Champions League from the second place. They will face arguably a stronger opponent who qualifies from the 1st place but to be frank any team that can make it to playoffs is strong enough to beat any to other teams that are left in the competition.

How The Bayern vs Tottenham Game happened?

Allianz arena is not a friendly place for any visiting team, similar to Anfield, or Camp Nou the local Bayern fans are notoriously known for their relentless support and being the 12th man on the field. The atmosphere in the Allianz arena is always incredible no matter who is the Bavarian club facing.

Bayern vs Tottenham was one of the most exciting games to watch in the 6th round of Champions League Group Stage.

Kinglsey Colam opened the score in the 14th minute with an accurate and powerful shot from the left side making home fans happy early on.

Ryan Sessegnon stunned the whole Munich with an excellent equalizer goal in the 20th minute. Giving hope to Tottenham.

The rest of the first half was pretty intense back and forth with a few good chances by both teams, however, Tottenham's luck ran out just before the break. Even though Thomas Muller was the one scoring the actual goal it felt like Bayern turned their attack to a pinball game. Ball rickshawed from multiple Tottenham players and a post until it got to wide-open Thomas Muller who just tapped it in from the close range. There was not much more Tottenham defenders could do...

Coutinho's shoot in 64th minute felt like a nail to the Tottenham's coffin 3-1.

It was obvious that both teams accepted the result of the game after Coutinho's goal. There was a drastic change in pace clearly visible by both teams with Bayern controlling the ball for most of the rest of the game.

You cannot really blame any of the teams they are both going through and no result would change that. Tottenham needs to conserve as much energy as possible and try to salvage what's left of their Premier League season.

Bayern Munich must do the same. Reigning Bundesliga champs from last several seasons are not doing so well this year and sitting on the 7th place is not something fans, players or the management would be used to.
Does it something to do with Coutinho's curse?

I wish both the teams all the best and look forward to seeing their Champions League Playoff performance.

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