Brutal Liverpool December Schedule | Job Done In Salzburg 0-2 Who is Next?

Brutal Liverpool December Schedule | Job Done In Salzburg 0-2 Who is Next?

Liverpool December Schedule is packed! Today we saw Liverpool relentless team effort winning them yet another game. Something Liverpool fans are used to this season.

Liverpool hasn't had the best start to Champions League in the 2019/20 season and they needed to get a W in Salzburg if they wanted to stay in the competition.

Salzburg's young squad started strong but was not able to convert any of the early in-game energy to goals.

Despite Liverpool needed to win they seemed to start in a very relaxed and low gear manner. The reason for Klopp's strategy was relatively simple there are simply way too many games in the month of December. Liverpool will have to play 2 games in 24 hours this upcoming week and Jurgen Klopp clearly needs to make a tough decision and figure out which team will start and where.

We could see Liverpool shifting gears in Premier League vs Bournemouth where Liverpool was clearly conserving energy after going up 3-0 and even in the city Derby vs Everton.

Check out Liverpool December Highlights vs Bournemouth and Everton

Check out Liverpool vs Salzburg Highlights

Liverpool had to step its performance a nudge in the second half and so they did. Keita's header and Salah's incredible goal from an impossible angle sealed the deal for LFC. Liverpool won their Champions League Group. Napoli beat Genk 4-0 and came second in the Group E. Both clubs can get excited about more Champions League playoff action in Spring 2020.

Liverpool December Schedule Is Insane

Liverpool won all 3 December games but there are still plenty more games to come!

1 or 2 of those games will be in Qatar depending on Liverpool's performance. Liverpool has never won Fifa Club World Cup and with a comfortable Premier League advantage, Klopp may want to hedge his options and try to win another and Trophy for Liverpool. If Klopp can figure out what Liverpool lineup can get him a W vs Aston Villa on Tuesday, December 17th and who to take with him for Qatar adventure he will surely go down in history as one of the best managers football has ever seen.

Check out the whole Liverpool December Schedule. Do you think Liverpool can win it all? Possibly but consider the little time they have to rest between the games...


Liverpool December Schedule

2 Games That Can Decide Premier League Title Race In December

December is a critical month for Liverpool not only because they have to play more football games in more competitions than any other Premier League team, but also because they may have a chance to snag a Premier League Title early.

At this point, it's all theoretical but a current Premier League Table stands as following:

Liverpool stands strong with 46 points at the top being chased by Leicester City #2 and possibly Manchester City #3

Premier League Table

If all 3 teams win the next two games we will see an interesting situation that will favor Liverpool as Premier League title contenders. Liverpool will eagerly anticipate a result Week 18 no matter the results in the previous matches.  Manchester City will face Leicester City on December 21st. If Manchester City wins at the Etihad stadium it shall give Liverpool another 3 points boost.

If Liverpool can beat Leicester City in Week 19 on December 26th in Leicester it may seal it for Liverpool because that would give Liverpool incredible 14 points lead with 16 more games to come.

I know that Titles are not won in December but this would clearly be a massive boost.

Liverpool December Schedule is packed and on paper Liverpool should be able to beat all the other teams, however, lack of time to rest can be a factor that will influence Liverpool's short term performance.

Jurgen Klopp will have to rely heavily on squad players (Adrian, Adam Lallana, James Milner, Joe Gomez, Chamberline, Shaqiri, Origi) and youngsters (Curtis Jones, Hoever, Van Den Berg, Brewster).

Liverpool's squad depth will decide how far this Liverpool team can go in 2019/20 season. So far they are the best team in Europe but injuries on CB position can heavily influence Liverpool's performance in the rest of the month.

It will be interesting to see if Liverpool will reinforce in January because there are clear squad deficiencies on full back backup positions.

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