USA Vs Canada Soccer

USA vs Canada Soccer A Crushing 4-1 Statement For The Home Team

CONCACAF Nations League USA vs Canada Soccer

Friday, November 15th was a huge matchup for both teams USA vs. Canada Soccer. Canada was trying to continue on their impressive 2-0 win. The US was looking to get back to winning ways and more importantly some stability. Their brief time under head coach Gregg Berhalter has been rocky, to say the least. A wet Orlando Stadium would play the scene for this Nations League Group A Matchup. 

The USA vs Canada Soccer were coming in short-handed. Both Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley were unavailable, the same as Chelsea's Christian Pulisic. He had been on a bit of a run of late for the English side, scoring a Hat trick in a 4-2 win over Burnley. America had a lot to prove though and would still be fielding a very strong lineup. 

October 15th was a proud day for the Maple Leaf. A big win over the USA and Canada Soccer was looking good. Alphonso Davies and Lucas Cavallini both scored for Canada. And the states couldn't get anything going against a stingy Defence. Doneil Henry was out for that game on yellow card accumulation but would slot back in Friday's game.

This game was not only big for CONCACAF Nations League results. USA vs Canada Soccer would play a huge part in determining the last couple of teams for the Hex. Canada sat before this game 6th but only holding the spot barely. October Rankings had Canada 3 points ahead of El Salvador and 16 ahead of Curacao. A win would almost guarantee them a spot in the final playoff. A tie and they would need help. A lose and they might just be Concacaf'd.

USA vs Canada Soccer Was A Tale Of Two Teams

Canada was clearly feeling confident going into the game. Making only 1 change to the starting 11 from October. Cavallini came in for Miller and Davies moved to LB. It was an interesting move by Coach John Herdman and one that would come back to haunt him early and often in the first half. This is what the two teams USA vs Canada Soccer were putting on the field.


It didn't take long for the USA vs Canada Soccer match to get out of hand. The second minute of the game Jordan Morris continued where he left off for the Seattle Sounders in the MLS Cup. An early corner gave away by Canada and a training ground set-piece that bounced to a wide-open Morris. He made no mistake putting it past Milan Borjan to make it 1-0.

Canada could not seem to get any string of momentum going. While they did hold possession in the first half they were never able to get a good run in or a decent cross. The wet pitch was playing a bit of a factor as well. Balls were skipping and the first touches were not the best.  The Away team was able to test keeper Brad Guzan but it was a long Free Kick out by Captain Scott Arfield. Like everything Canada would throw at the Americans in the first half, it was with no success.

USA vs Canada Soccer came back right after. A sloppy play with the ball and US was off on the counter. Davies was caught upfield out of his Position and Morris was able to cross it into Gyasi Zardes. He was able to head it past a helpless Borjan after some poor marking from Doneil Henry. The USA vs Canada Soccer was up 2-0 after 23 minutes and the route seemed to be on.


The Red and White team had their chances but very poor delivery from set-pieces really slowed things down. Every time they seemed to have a bit of comfort the USA vs Canada Soccer would storm back and rattle them. After A noncall on a foul to Arfield at one end, US countered back. Davies took a foul after being out of position again and the States had a set-piece. Aaron long basically crushed the Canadians with his 34th-minute header.

Things didn't get better to end the first half as the USA vs Canada Soccer were given a free-kick at the 6-yard box. Davies made a very silly mistake after some pressure. What should have been a lashing clearance was instead a silly show of not understanding the rules. Davies Played the ball after the bounce on the ground, too himself twice then headed it to Keeper Borjan. A very clear attempt to Circumvent the Pass Back rule.

Veteran Official Cesar Ramos was having none of it and immediately awarded the free-kick. Unlucky for the US as they missed the chance. A blocked shot and clearance. That would have really put the game out of reach but USA vs Canada Soccer were up 3-0 going into the half and looking like the much better team.

A Second Half Of The Same USA vs Canada Soccer

It was all the same troubles in the second half. USA vs Canada Soccer might have shown everyone that October wasn't for real. The Americans came on strong to start winning an early corner. Davies was once again out of position. What might have been worse from the build-up was Defender Henry pulled up clutching his hamstring. He was replaced by Derek Cornelius in the 48th minute. Canada was seemingly playing with fire as they gave up several chances. If the US team had there heads up Paul Arriola was wide open several times.

Sloppy play and USA vs Canada Soccer was very willing to sit back and defend. Having all men back behind the ball whenever Canada would gain possession. They had chances to close it out early in the Half. A double change for Canada saw Junior Hoilett replacing Cavallini in the 61st minute. And Youngster Stephen Eustaquio coming on for Mark-Anthony Kaye who had been hindered with an injury of late.  It seemed to spark the Canadian squad.

10 Minutes later USA vs Canada Soccer got a bit more interesting. A corner by Davies was flicked on by Jonathon Osario to the back post where CB Steven Virotia was waiting. Heading it is unmarked with ease and Canada was within 2. If they had been playing well up to this point fans might think a comeback was coming. The goal was really the highlight if you were a Canadian fan.


There was lots of time left but the game was slowed right down by a smart US side. Berhalter waited till just before the goal to make his first substitution and waiting till the death for the rest. No matter what the away squad tried they couldn't get past the American's defensive lines. On the rare chances they did, like Davies dribbling it in for a shot in the 84th minute. Guzman was there for USA vs Canada Soccer.

The save and rush after ended the game. Zardes scored the brace in the 89th minute on a beautiful one-timer. That capped a good night for head coach Berhalter and the USA vs Canada Soccer. a 4-1 win giving up possession but ultimately domination play. This one will leave Canada fans not only disappointed but looking to the future.

What Does USA vs Canada Soccer 4-1 Mean For The Hex?

This might be the real thing Canada soccer fans are looking at. A 4-1 loss USA vs Canada Soccer leaves much to be decided over the next 8 and a half months. The loss will drop Canada some points and make it very hard to make the 6 teams Hex. Coming into Friday's game anything but a loss would have put it into Canada's hands. 4-1 means they will likely lose the top spot in Group A of Nations league. It gets worse.

With two teams mentioned earlier so close the games Saturday and Sunday will mean a lot for the Canadians. The USA vs Canada Soccer match was extremely bad for our chances. Score watching the Curacao and El Salvador games hoping for upsets might be the only hope left. With time closing in on deciding the 6 teams I don't know if Canada could schedule enough meaningful games points-wise to climb back into the top 6. Which I imagine they will be out of after Sunday.

A lot can be taken away from this game. While Davies has been a very capable LB for Bayern Munich that is for Bayern Munich. Herdman's game plan had good merit but wasn't ready for a rested and waiting for US squad. Davies would have been better up front again with David. They were causing havoc on the USA vs Canada Soccer backline last game. Herdman would have been smart to deploy them again. But now we can only look at what might have been.

USA vs Canada Soccer gave US fans hope and Canada fans lots of reasons to worry. Hopefully, the weekend will treat us well our it might be a long run to try and get to The World Cup 2022 in Qatar.


Check out USA vs Canada Game Highlights


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