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Premier League Week 9 is an exciting time for many football fans because we get our football back! The long international break is finally over and we will get a chance to see one of the most anticipated battles between two English powerhouses - Manchester United and Liverpool. The game will hope on Sunday, October 20th. However, there are many more exciting games that we shall review to get you all caught up with what happened in week 9 games.

There certainly were a few teams that can be happy about their performance and a few that will be disappointed. The international break does not always help bigger teams because many of their players get an international call. That being said these teams are not new to this and anticipated injuries and busy schedule is not a plus for top players either.

Saturday, October 19 Premier League Game Review

Everton vs West Ham United


Everton needed a win badly to get out of the bottom half of the league table. They expected a game against relatively inform West Ham United to be a challenge, thus, bringing their strongest line up was a clear choice.

Brasilian Bernard opened the score early with an absolutely excellent individual performance. His really close shot from tough angle surprised Roberto Jimenez.

The game was pretty even until half-time. West Ham tactical changes and adding more attacking players left them open in defense which led to impressive 19 shot attempts from Everton, 10 of those shots hit the target and Gylfi Sigurdsson's 87th minute perfectly placed shot from outside of the box was too much for Jimenez one more time.

The ball possession 52/48 and the number of passes 598/586 just show you how equal was the game, right?


Everton dominated and completely blew out of the water their opponent with 11 corners and 24 more tackles. West Ham United will have to forget about their mediocre performance and get ready for week 10. Premier League week 9 should be a wake-up call for Everton. Everton does not belong to the bottom of the table after all they spend over $250 million in the last 2 years in transfers. It's about time for the investment to start bringing some benefits.

Bournemouth vs Norwich City


This was a rather uneventful game. Both teams spend most of the time fussing around in the middle of the field with way too many off-target shoots. It was a very quiet day for both keepers with Bournemouth's Aaron Ramsdale defusing only one threat and Tim Krul having to stop two shots.

(Fantasy Football) fans were hoping to see more magic from the finish wonder Teemu Pukki but that did not happen. Both teams deserved a point and that's what they both got. Norwich City is sitting in 19th place despite a few surprising games in the previous weeks, while Bournemouth made it to the top half of the table. Likely to sit in 9th place till the next week. Only Monday night's Sheffield United win over Arsenal could have it moved to the 10th place.

Bournemouth and Norwich are clearly happy they got 1 point from Premier League week 9 and both teams will hope to get more in week 10.

Aston Villa vs Brighton


Aston Villa turned the game around against Brighton who played with 10th men since 35th minute.

Jack Grealish 45+2 and Matt Targett 90+4 both hit the target and turned the game around. The added time and lack of concentration turned to be two out of the three main reasons that buried Brigthon's 21st-minute lead.

Undisciplined Aaron Mooy saw himself left the field after a 2nd useless foul leading to him seeing the red card first time this year and complicating the situation for his team. Despite Brighton's superior ball possession and more touches and passes, they were not able to bring 3 points from Birmingham. The added time turned to be Tom Heaton's nightmare! Brighton is ready to forget about Premier League week 9 escaped and move on.

Chelsea vs Newcastle United


Chelsea got the job done against very defensively minded Newcastle United. It almost seemed that Newcastle does not even want to win. It's kinda hard to win with no shots on target in the whole match.

It took 73 minutes before Chelsea broke Newcastle defense, however, they controlled the game the whole time. Chelsea's impressive 71/29 ball possession is something that Frank Lampard will be very happy about.

Chelsea dominated the game from the first moments of the game and that hasn't changed until the end. Newcastle United did not expect to win and the players are clearly happy that they do not have to play Chelsea for half more year.

Newcastle is once again closing on the relegation zone sitting in 18th place with only 8 points in 9 games.

Chelsea, on the other hand, sits in 4th place at least until Monday, only after stellar Liverpool, Man City, and the Foxes.

Leicester vs Burnley


Leicester City is another team that turned the game around and collected all 3 points.

Leicester did not have the best start in the game conceding in 26th minute. Burnley's Chris Wood was the culprit that complicated things on lovely Saturday afternoon for the Foxes.

Jamie Vardy tied the score in 45th minute and Youri Tielemans brought home the 3 points with a great and very important goal.

Leicester controlled the ball 65/35 but what turned to be the highlight of the game is how clinical the Foxes can be. There was no lack of trying from either team to score (Leicester 19/3 & Burnley 13/4), however, the Foxes showed once again how clinical they can be when they hit the goal. Brendan Rodgers is doing a great job in Leicester. Leicester is sitting on 3rd place at least until Monday!

It's unlikely that we would see another Leicester title race with in-form Liverpool who is being chased by 2 years in a row title winner Manchester City, but you know what they say. Do not underestimate the cunning foxes!

Spurs vs Watford


Spurs must still be getting over a jet lag because they completely bombed out against the last team in the league, Watford's early goal was a very pleasant surprise for the underdog and a clean stunner for the last year's Champions League finalists.

Del Ali saved Tottenham from an embarrassment in 86th minute after a controversial VR escaped. VR clearly showed that Del Ali touched the ball with his upper arm, however, the ref made a call and it seemed that he overturned the VR decision. The scoreboard clearly indicated "no goal" while the ref is pointing at the center circle. The whole situation confused many fans and player including the goalscorer himself.

Wolves vs Southampton


The Wolves were the clear bookie favorite against a struggling team from the relegation zone. However, everything didn't go according to the plan. Southampton pleasantly surprised their fans with a great placed shot putting Southampton ahead for mere 9 minutes. Talking about clinical! Wolverhampton's Raul Jimenez hit only one shot on target and he scored an equalizer.

Southampton kept Wolves keeper Raul Patricio on his toes the whole game.

Both teams deserved a point and that's what they got.

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City


Talking about domination on all fronts. There is a reason why Jurgen Klopp Guardiola's Biggest Rival and other top managers agree that Pep Guardiola's Manchester City is at this moment the best team in football.

Man City totally dominated the game in every aspect of the game - ball possession, shots, shots on goal, corners, touches, and passes.

Gabriel Jesus opened the score in the 39th minute. Man City fans didn't even stop celebrating when Raheem Sterling passed the ball to David Silva who added the second perfect volley between Wayne Hennessey's legs.

Manchester City is doing everything to catch up with Liverpool. Without any question, the whole of Manchester will turn red and support Red Devils on Sunday in the most anticipated game of the Premier League week 9.

Sunday, October 20 Premier League Game Preview

Manchester United vs Liverpool

This is the game everybody is eagerly expected. Rumor has it that Manchester United will miss their two superstars - the French midfielder Paul Pogba and Spanish Keeper De Gea. If that's the case the Red Devils will have that much tougher afternoon against their arch enemies from Liverpool.

Liverpool currently very much in form has won all 8 consecutive Premier League games in their 2019/20 season and many fans once again see Liverpool challenging for Premier League Title. This year, however, is different than the previous years. If Liverpool wins English Premier League Title they will finally finish their 30 years no domestic title drought. Most of the Liverpool players were not even born when Liverpool won last time won the title and those that were like James Milner probably don't even remember that.

Manchester United will do everything in their powers to keep the Liverpool title dreamers wait a season longer. Premier League week 9 battle may be the difference between the title hopes and more year of frustration.

See what Klopp has to say about the highly anticipated game. Definitely at the top of the Premier League week 9.

Monday, October 21 Premier League Game Preview

Sheffield Utd vs Arsenal

This should be a clear and easy win for Arsenal. However, newly promoted Sheffield United will want to show the Gunners that they belong to the Premier League and will put up a fight.

Liverpool struggled to break Sheffield's defense in week 7  until the 70th minute and they are arguably the most in form team in English Premier League this season. Not something that can be said about the rollercoaster Arsenal performance.

Arsenal needs a win. Unai Emery needs a win. Arsenal worldwide fan base needs a win. Chelsea, Leicester City, and Spurs will support 15th Sheffield United with all they got. After all, football is the game of chances and not always the better team gets the 3 points.

Premier League week 9 has been eventful.

For more football news check out our soccer news section here on Sports Talk Line or check out the official Premier League site for the latest and greatest Premier League News.

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