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Canada vs USA 2019 Nations League Big Implications

Big Test at Home For Soccer Canada vs USA

Soccer 2019 Canada vs USA will be a Nations League Battle for the top of League A, Group A and shouldn't disappoint come Tuesday, October 15th at BMO Field in Toronto. It will be a very important game. With time closing in on the CONCACAF standings June 2020 Final Rankings.

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Canada will look to continue their positive games against Cuba and use home-field advantage to get a much-needed result against a U.S.A squad that sits in a very comfy position to make the 6 team Hex. When CONCACAF announced on July 10th that the format for World cup Qualifying would change Canada was left on the outside looking in.

A few favorable results and all of a sudden. Tuesday and November's games give Canada much more to play for. Having the top 6 within reach. Soccer in 2019 Canada Vs USA is shaping up to be some exciting matches.

North American Rivals Get Set For Nations League Clash

World Cup Qualifying will be on the mind of Canada more than the USA during these two matches. While the US Men's National team sits in a comfy spot. Holding onto the 2nd Concacaf place (21st in the World). The Squad in the red and white without blue needs results. This Soccer 2019 Canada vs USA holds lots of implications.

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Canada Sits currently 7th in rankings having to thank a bad result by Panama to get them there. Now they have the chance to show they deserve to be in the mix against a very talented United States squad. While the numbers regarding FIFA points should be left up to Mathematicians. I thought it might be handy to include it in case anyone does like numbers.

Basically, Canada sits at 1322 points trailing both Honduras 1359 and El Salvador 1327. Canada won't be making up the 100 points needed to catch Jamaica. At least barring some very interesting results. So we will focus on what they need to do to Catch number 6 and possible 5 to play in the Hex.

What they need to do Soccer 2019 Canada vs USA is getting results. On the road in November but more importantly Tuesday at Home. A Strong showing would give them the confidence and the positioning to make a move in the next International Break. Some more poor showings by teams they are chasing would help aswell.

Soccer 2019 Canada vs USA The Visitors

The US National team took to the field Tuesday at the site of their first match against Cuba. Audi Field, Home of DC United, will serve as the training ground for the International break as well.  And they will look to win with as little effort as possible as a big Soccer 2019 Canada Vs USA matchup looms days after.

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A team most Major League Soccer fans would be familiar with. Gregg Berhalter and the US will be suiting up 18 MLS players out of the 26 call ups. Unfortunately for Canada soccer fans, they happen to be some of the league's big-name players. Household names like Bradley, Zardes, Arriola. And up and comers to the league who have put their name on the Radar like New York Red Bull Defender Aaron Long.

Some of the players that MLS fans don't know too well might be the most threat. Not having seen a lot of playing time lately with Chelsea shouldn't be an issue for Cristian Pulisic. Because well he plays for Chelsea. Expect him to pick up where he left off.

Whitecaps fans will know about a couple of other weapons on the US team. Seattle Sounders Cristian Roldan and Jordan Morris will have a large role in the game. Also two players back from injury. Readings Matt Miazga and Newcastle's Deandre Yedlin will provide knowledge on the defensive side. Running a high press 4-2-3-1 the US will look to force Canada into mistakes.

Soccer 2019 Canada Vs USA The Home Side

The Canadian squad has also started training. They will get a good couple of days of rest and the chance to work on things. Unlike the US they get to wait till Tuesday's game to play.

This could give head coach John Herdman's side a chance to further scout and prepare. And let's face it, they are probably going to need it. Or they can try their luck at about 16 more games between the other 28 teams. Soccer 2019 Canada vs USA is the best chance they have to make the World Cup 2022.

Lucky for Canada they have some big names as well. Johnathan David is having a strong showing in the first Belgian Tier with KAA Gent. And Alphonso Davies is starting to get regular minutes with German powerhouse Bayern Munich. And these are just the young up and coming Canadians.

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