Norwich Manchester City Was Shocked For Everybody

Norwich Manchester City Was Shocked For Everybody

The Worst Premier League Defense (Norwich) Faced The Best Offense (Man City)

Norwich Manchester city game was a one that will go down in history as an absolute shocker. David beat the Goliath! Norwich City faced Manchester City on Saturday, September 14. Most neutral fans would not be surprised if Manchester City would have won the game 4-0 or 5-0 big deal not even gonna watch that, but that was certainly not the case today. Norwich Manchester City game was an absolute shock to everybody. Hope you didn't put your money on Man City this week. This was a must-have 3 points for Manchester City especially when you look at the pregame stats. Norwich City has the worst Premier League record in conceded goals, while Man City, raining Premier League Champions have the most deadly offense.

It was a story of David and the Goliath

Manchester City started strong but Norwich defensive line was surprisingly resilient to hoards of Man City players trying to break it down. In most instances, Manchester City overpowers their opponents. Clinical finishers Sergio Aguero and Raheem Sterling love terrorizing defenses but today it just wasn't their day!

Injury-plagued Norwich City was happy to get 11 players on the pitch today since it was reported that they have currently more injured players than the healthy ones. That is never a good sign. It's even worse if you have to face Manchester City with the most valuable squad in the whole of Europe!

Luckily nobody told Norwich City that they should be intimidated by these astronomic numbers.  Norwich City the promoted Championship Champions are worth a fraction of Manchester City but there is a lot of talent in their squad. Consider Teemu Pukki after week 5 he is the second-best goal-scoring machine in Premier League only trumped by Sergio Aguero. The main difference between Pukki and Aguero is that he will probably earn much more points to you this week in Fantasy Premier League Football. However, consider that Teemu Pukki was signed on a free transfer only 2 seasons ago from Denmark. He became a menace in his first season in Championship League scoring 29 goals.

Pukki and Aguero both played an important role for their teams and each scored a goal. Let's assume for a moment that you do not know the score and simply look at the stats. Stats speak for themselves raining Champion playing newly promoted team that got only 3 points in 4 games... Easy game ahead of Man City.

Norwich Manchester City Stats

Manchester City dominated the game and had impressive 16 corners and probably won by a margin of 3-4 goals right? Well, WRONG!

Today was not the day on-field stats really matter. Today, it was all about goals scored (as it always is but you get my point).

Norwich City Manchester City Score

Norwich Manchester City Review

Norwich City opened the score in 18th minute with Kenny McLean's corner kick header. It was no doubt Ederson's fault who underestimated Norwich's corner kick line up and didn't place a defender on a front post. You got it that's where the header went in. Ederson was a bit puzzled about what went wrong but it was his goal.

In 28th minute Todd Cantwell added another goal in a typical FIFA/PES situation. Your opponent is trying really hard to score but you really parked the bus well and the ball ricochets from a mob of people to your pacy winger. In this case, it was Teemu Pukki, who spread up Jone Stones and Otamendi and provided an amazing pass to Todd Cantwell who was wide open in front of the goal with Ederson caught off guard once again 2-0.

People in Norwich started believing in a miracle until Sergio Aguero's header just before the half time brought everybody back to reality 2-1.

Teemu Pukki is without a question the most valuable player that Norwich City has ever signed. The best part was they got him for FREE! Who wouldn't want to get a scoring machine for free right? In 49th minute Jone Stones lost his nerve and passed the ball to Otamendi, who probably still suffered from jet lag and saw the game in slow motion because he never even saw Norwich player come from behind and steal the ball from him passed it to Teemu Pukki who was about 5 years from the goal 3-1.

At this stage of the game, it was clear that there is a possibility for Norwich Manchester City unexpected result. Pep Guardiola couldn't take this situation lightly anymore and had to get his A team on the field - Gabriel Jesus and Kevin De Bruyne were sent in to show why they are paid the big bucks. With about 30 minutes to go Man City were building the pressure on Norwich defense but with no real result. Norwich held until 88th minute when Rodrigo's outside of the box shot went in. His first goal in Premier League, congrats!

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