Wayne Rooney, DC United, MLS, The Referees, and?

Wayne Rooney, DC United, MLS, The Referees, And?

A Terrible night against the Whitecaps Led to a Fantastic Morning in Vancouver

Wayne Rooney’s first trip to BC Place to play the Whitecaps didn’t end very well with the European legend giving it to Referee Timothy Ford all game and coming up on the bad side of a 1-0 score to a team that was not at it’s best. Lucky for the Whitecaps throughout the game Rooney was not at his best either. After contributing not many chances and fighting with Ford all game Rooney decided to let the fourth official, Pierre-Luc Lauziere, know his feelings upon being taken off in the 74th minute. It appeared he said repeatedly, “Every Fu%^ing Game!” and took his place with the rest of his squad to see his team play to a loss. Must have been a tough night for Wayne Rooney, I’m sure he wouldn’t like Vancouver after this one… Well, maybe not the game anyways.

Wayne Rooney and Co. Enjoyed Their Night in Vancouver

After a quick bus ride back to the hotel after the match, most of the DC united team joined Rooney and went out for food only to decide it wasn’t entertaining enough for them.  By 1:00 am Wayne and most of the DC united team including, Goalkeeper Bill Hamid, Frederic Brillant, and defender Jalen Robinson, decided to head over to a popular club on Granville street called Twelve West.

This is one of Vancouver’s top of the line nightclubs with extensive V.I.P. area’s, bottle service and several DJ’s and dance floors, the kind of place where high-end athletes, musicians, and celebrities come to blow off steam after a tough night in the city.  One of the draws of this club is they will raise the cover depending on who/ or what is happening inside, meaning only the best and richest clientele be allowed inside. Cue me and some of my friends.

Earlier in the evening we had watched the match front row at BC place stadium and yelled “Wanker” as loud as we possibly could at him when he came to our side to kick a corner. I ended up getting Vancouver Whitecaps LB Ali Adnan’s Jersey off his back and then walking on the field to see some of the other players it was only fitting that my night would end with a chance to meet Wayne Rooney. My friends and I grabbed some food and then decided we would go out and dance a bit. Luckily I know a bouncer at Twelve west and when I messaged him at 1:10 saying we were coming over he gave me the usual routine but ended with, “Hurry the f*$k up, Wayne Rooney is here.” …

Wayne Rooney DC United Corner kick

I was wearing an absolute tourist shirt so we needed to go back to the hotel so I could stand out a little bit less. We ended up out front of Twelve West at 1:30 AM and my friend came out after a couple of minutes and led us into the bar where we, of course, had to have our I.D. scanned and then were taken past the long bar to the left and the fireplaces to the right, past the first dance floor, up onto the V.I.P. section. There were bottles of Champagne on every table and we were led over to were Wayne and the team were hanging out. At that point, my bouncer friend said, “okay it’s on you now” and had to go back to watching the floor and left me and 2 others up close to the team.

Didn’t take me long to find Wayne Rooney with his gray hat, sweater, and his hoodie up, He was at the very back of the V.I.P. section, which is also the back corner of the club, with the rest of his teammates who decided to go out. Most of them were up on the top of the couches and chairs so they could survey what was happening all around them. After I shock myself out of the fact I was so close to Rooney, I realized I didn’t really know many of the other DC United players. That is beside Felipe who was a former Whitecap, and Acosta who wasn’t there from what I could see. So I decided to take out my phone and search the roster, that was not a good idea as Bill Hamid who was sitting apparently where he could see my phone asked me for it. Of course, I said sure and swiped off the search I was doing and gave it to him, which he responded, “no you exited out of it, you were searching up the team, weren’t you. I saw my face”. At this point, I was caught and said yeah I didn’t want to try and say hi to someone and not know who they were. He laughed and gave me back my phone, I asked if I could take a picture but he told me they were out and wasn’t the time to be taking pictures which I had no problem respecting.

This more or less gave me the confidence to go and say hello to Wayne Rooney and shake his hand. He was just sitting at the back of the club, without a drink in his hand. None of the DC team was drinking during the hour and a half I was there. And I was able to navigate through the sea of women to go and say hello. He was very polite and said hi, shook my hand and I went back over to my friends a bit starry-eyed. They were into the bottle service and weren’t exactly too interested in the players but my one male friend did make the trip over and shook his hand.

The Night Was Getting Wilder – No Alcohol Needed!

By then it was close to 2:30 and still the DC united players including Rooney weren’t drinking but were having a great time, whispering in each other’s ears, making jokes to each other. The club was all V.I.P. at that point and they were having a blast dancing up top with several choice ladies. No one was dancing with anyone particular but more or less just dancing, and the women that they seemed to choose were more of the Snooki from Jersey Shore variety (make-up wise). I asked my colleague and he suggested English men might have different taste but there is no way a Vancouver 3 is an English 10… just saying.

Not that I want to admit I couldn’t take my eyes off of Wayne the entire evening but he never was dancing with a particular girl or showed any kind of affection except for the nice to meet your hand on the back while he gave a handshake.  The ladies they were with actually seemed to be the reason they were able to continue their night as in my opinion they were club promoters. There is a reason Mr. Rooney and the gang were able to head out after the bar closed at 3 and head to another place for a couple of hours and then head off to a Hot tub arriving back at their hotel at 5:30 am and I had to go straight back to mine.

From what I could tell in my time at Twelve West was that they were indeed having a boy’s night out but that was all they seemed to have. People can take pictures of whatever they want from a distance and try and paint a certain picture of someone, say Wayne Rooney and his past? But in the end, a world-famous soccer player and a man who has made amazing strides with his wife and family should be given the opportunity to go out with his team in a city without getting accused of cheating or being a terrible person.

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