Interview with Clay Lmoo about Canucks, Championships, and Comedy | The Unnamed Sports Show

Today on The Unnamed Sports Show, Host Joshua Griffith is joined by Canucks superfan Clay Imoo to chat Vancouver’s on ice performance, how he became “Canucks Clay” the superfan, his parody videos and more.

0:00 - Introduction to the one and only “Canucks Clay”
0:30 – Failure in the Green Room But more important how is the Imoo family doing?
1:46 – Canucks Clay, and the 5-1 win over the Calgary Flames Wednesday Night
4:00 – Optimism and cheering for the right teams, Yes that’s the Leaf’s, Canadiens, and Ottawa
5:00 – A new identity for the Canucks thanks to the Horvat line, Pearson and Höglander
6:29 – Tanner Pearson. Is he a trade option? The Future of the Canucks
7:25 – Nils Hoglander and the excitement he brings on the ice
9:02 – The Ultimate Canucks Fan and how it got to this point. Tom Larscheid, Jim Robson and the early years. Season tickets and everything coming into place for Clay to be Superfan
11:29 – Parodies, Parodies, Parodies and all the fun!
14:30 –Clay’s favorite Parody videos and collaborations with the team
16:26 – “How sweet it is to be deked by you” meeting Petey, an NHL fan award nomination and getting crushed by TATAR!!
17:35 – The coolest part of getting to be a super fan. Being blessed to be a superfan!
20:20 – The golf caddy, Clay just hung around. Wait who is that guy?
22:00 – Canucks Clay on YouTube and all his fantastic work
24:25 – Interaction and engagement. There is no tricking Clay with fake names
26:40 – I forgot how to breathe, but get it together to ask clay about Holtby on the guitar and his dream parody guest?
28:30 – What Canucks would be the best in a parody video? Nate Schmidt Good, J.T. Miller maybe not so much
29:50 – Clay’s Zoom Chat Series exploring more perspective
32:30 – Everyone trying to create content and get better in the Vancouver Media
34:20 – Clay’s passion and dedication to what he does
35:30 – What’s corsie? Can we just use plus/minus, GAA and do things on my house phone and Fax machine?
36:48 – Outro with Canucks Clay

The Vancouver Canucks are coming off a 5-1 win against the Calgary Flames but still face an uphill battle. What has Clay thought of the team’s performance so far? Can they make a run this year? Why is Nils Höglander so amazing?

Off the ice host Joshua finds out about the many many parody videos Clay has been a part of. Some for nothing but fun with friends and some with the Canucks and players helping out. They talk Clay’s ultimate parody guest and who would be a good current Canuck to join, PS: it’s not J.T. Miller.
Make sure to follow your host Joshua on Twitter @JoshuaGriffith0 for more Canucks coverage

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