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WR Jalen Tolbert Week 1 – Needs, Expectations, Desires

For a rookie in the NFL, there are expectations to be discussed. For a rookie thrust into a starting role, there are needs that must be considered. For a WR on the field opposite CeeDee Lamb in week 1 versus the very same team the Cowboys came up short against a year ago there are desires that emerge. This is the position rookie WR Jalen Tolbert finds himself in week 1 of the NFL season.

You are going to hear all kinds of hype about Michael Gallup being a “game-time decision.” That is the organization trying to play mind games. They know he isn’t going to suit up. The Bucs know he isn’t going to play. We know also. Jalen Tolbert is the man in week 1 of the NFL season.


The first thing you look at for any rookie WR in the NFL is what he needs to do as a rookie. Tolbert needs to hold onto the football, remember the snap count, avoid mental errors on simple plays, and be aware of where the team is in the game and what is needed on every down. He has to avoid flags which is to say mistakes. In the NFL perfection is always the goal. For a rookie, cutting down on mistakes is job 1.


Tolbert may be a rookie, but the expectation of a WR2 in an offense with a dominant WR1 is to make the offense pay when they slide the defensive coverage too heavy on the WR1 side. Simply put, Jalen Tolbert needs to make a few downfield plays. He needs to move the sticks a few times and make the other side look foolish for forgetting about him.


This is week 1 of the NFL season and the Cowboys are facing (arguably) the goat at QB on the other side. The Cowboys’ offense has to score points and that number needs to be north of 30 for the ‘Boys to pull out a victory this Sunday. For that to happen Dallas would love Tolbert to be able to put some points on the board at some point. A two-point play, a 4-yard slant for 6, or a 70-yard bomb that blows the top off the D would all satisfy the desire. Tolbert needs to bring some of that collegiate sizzle to the field.

If Jalen Tolbert can satisfy the need he will have done his job. If he can achieve expectations Dallas has a shot at W. If Jalen gives Cowboys Nation its desire his score could very well be the one that notches the victory to open the 2022 season.

A much better way to start the season than they did last year. Jalen Tolbert could very well be the reason why.


Jalen Tolbert is currently predicted to put up 39 yards receiving and .3 TDs. We think he will do a LOT better. What do you think?

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