Best Dyansty Rookies NFL Fantasy Football 2022

Here’s our list of the best dynasty rookies in NFL Fantasy Football 2022! Its mostly wide receivers, as they were the best group in this year’s draft. These WRs will get you the most production the fastest and we tried to weight situation as high as talent, as we all saw what happened to Kyle Pitts. A generational talent yes, but he’s currently ranked 59th in fantasy points for the league as he languishes in Atlanta.

#1: Sky Moore

Sky Moore may have been drafted in the second round but he is going to the best situation of any receiver on this list. Replacing Tyreek Hill is a tall order for any rookie, but the Chief’s organization is where they are because of their talent in the draft. Dropping Alex Smith for Patrick Mahomes was a huge gamble, but it paid off. They could pull the same trick off here with Sky Moore.

#2: Jalen Tolbert

Jalen Tolbert was drafted in the 3rd round, but like Sky Moore he’s going to a good situation. He’ll be high on the depth chart for Dallas due to Wilson leaving and is the number one offense in the league. Dallas will make use of him quickly and often, and he could develop into another Miles Austin.

#3: Christian Watson

Christian Watson has the potential to be the best dynasty rookie on this list. Honestly all of the top 3 on this list are about equal; talented athletes going to a good situation, high on the depth chart, in a high-powered offense. Watson is a phenomenal athlete but might take a bit to develop his route running. Luckily he has Aaron Rodgers throwing to him, one of the best to ever sling it.

#4: Chris Olave

Olave was a phenomenal receiver at Ohio State and lucked out by going to a great organization in the New Orleans Saints. He’ll start out as a WR3, but will get plenty of opportunities for TDs from Winston. If Winston and Olave click, this could be a huge get for fantasy owners.

#5: Jameson Williams

Williams is a bit of a risk for fantasy owners due to his recent injury but could pay off huge if Detroit keeps drafting as well as they did this year. The Lions will be able to get out of Goff’s contract next year and the next crop of 2023 QBs is looking pretty good. Williams has the potential to be a top 5 receiver if he heals well and has a quality QB throwing to him.


#6: Drake London

Drake London would be higher on this list of he was going anywhere but Atlanta. We aren’t down on Mariota, but the organization as a whole has not shown much promise, mostly wasting the career of their MVP QB Matt Ryan. However the combination of Pitts and London will be scary for defensive backs trying to keep them out of the end zone and London could become a TD machine like Mike Evans.

#7: Kenny Pickett

Out of all the QBs in this draft, Pickett has the most potential to get stats quickly. The Steelers organization is one of the best in the league and are excellent at developing talent. The home-grown Pickett could end up connecting with Claypool and Pickens for a 4000 yard season if everything clicks in Pittsburgh.

#8: Greg Dulcich

Dulcich isn’t high on the depth chart, but consider this an investment that depends on the future of the Wilson-led Broncos. They are favorites to make a superbowl run, and Dulcich could see lots of playing time as a pass specialist and eventually grab the starting position. He’s a great athlete who could have a Jason Witten-like career in Denver.

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