2022 NFL Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

2022 NFL Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

Here are the top 10 fantasy wide receivers for the 2022 NFL season!

#1: Cooper Kupp

There isn’t much to say about the first receiver to win the triple crown since Steve Smith in 2005. He led the league in receptions, yards, and touchdowns, joining the lofty company of Jerry Rice and Sterling Sharpe. If you’re lucky enough to draft Kupp, he will be the anchor on your team, getting 30-100 points above the next highest producing receiver.

#2: Deebo Samuel

Deebo may be caught up in trade rumors, but expect him to be the workhorse for San Francisco again this year. Jimmy G has wild rumors flying around as well, but the team as a whole is stable and focused. Deebo is the most explosive receiver on this list, getting over 18 yards per reception on average. He has some small concerns with health, considering how much they use him, but he played a full 15 games last year.

#3: Ja’Marr Chase

Chase combines the explosive 18 yard per reception ability of Deebo with the touchdown production of Kupp. He’s young, healthy, and started in all 17 games for the Bengals. Burrow and Chase will be getting fantasy owners buckets of point this season and they haven’t even hit their prime.

#4: Justin Jefferson

While the Vikings might not have the pieces for the playoffs, they are a hugely productive team during the regular season. Jefferson’s 1600 yards last year is the second most next to Kupp and will be a reliable weapon for fantasy owners, getting 10 TDs last year.

#5: Mike Evans

Mike Evans might not be the ideal weapon for the timing routes Brady likes to throw, but he’s an outstanding physical receiver who can win matchups regularly. His 14 TDs is second most to Kupp, and he might get more yards this year since Brady will be without Brown.

#6: Stefon Diggs

Diggs is a very good all around receiver who started all 17 games last year for Buffalo. Look for Stefon to jump on this list as the year progresses, as Buffalo but all the right pieces together to improve their offense this year.

2022 NFL Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

#7: Davante Adams

Adams was higher on this list last year, but slid down a bit due to playing on a new team. We weren’t too harsh on him however, as Adams caught the rock from Carr in college at Fresno State, setting records in the process. The two clearly have chemistry. There’s no arm like Rodgers in the NFL, but sometimes the ability to read each other’s minds is more important.

#8: Tyreek Hill

Hill is in a similar situation to Adams, but with even more uncertainty surrounding him and his new QB. Tua should be able to handle quick dump-offs to Hill to let him work his magic, but Miami hasn’t proven themselves on offense in quite a long time. Honestly Hill could move either direction on this list come fall.

#9: Ceedee Lamb

We’re giving Lamb a bit of a bump over his position last year because Dallas will be asking more of the young receiver in a year that looks transitional for the offense. The new talent acquired in the draft might not work out, and Lamb should have a good relationship with Dak by this point. Dallas had the number one offense in the league last year and Lamb was a big part of that. Look for the Cowboys to take the training wheels off and let him ride hard and fast.

#10: Jerry Jeudy

Jeudy is the big sleeper pick on this list, as his production was very mild in 2022. However Wilson loves to go deep and Jeudy will be able to take the top off of defenses in a way never seen before. Look for Jeudy to bag a 1000 yard season with 10 TDs and prove why he was 1st round draft pick this year.

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