2022 NFL Top 10 Fantasy quarterbacks

2022 NFL Top 10 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Here are the 2022 NFL top 10 fantasy quarterbacks!

Here are our 2022 NFL top 10 fantasy quarterbacks!

#1: Josh Allen

Josh Allen is a fantasy machine who can get pass yards, rush yards, TDs and 2 point conversions all in one game. Tom Brady may have him beat on passing yards, but Josh Allen is a one man winning machine with over 400 PPR.

#2: Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert is the “We have Josh Allen at home” version of the superstar from Buffalo. He got a 5000 yard season in 2021 and ran the ball for over 300 yards. Not Josh Allen numbers, but close enough to win games for you.

#3: Tom Brady

Tom Brady never ceases and the machine will provide you with a 375 PPR and season-long consistency with clockwork regularity.

#4: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes had a bit of a bobble last year, but still finished strong with over 4 thousand yards and only 13 interceptions. He doesn’t run many in, but will get lots of passing game action under Reid.

#5: Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers lords above all the other top 10 QBs with just 4 interceptions in 2021. He will never get you any running yards, but the man knows how to take care of the football and not cost you any point deductions.

#6: Matthew Stafford

Stafford is the opposite of Rodgers on this list, being the only top 10 QB with 17 interceptions. Matty Ice has a knack for throwing away some odd looking INTs as he battles injures and the onset of age. As long as he has Cooper Kupp to make up the TD count this shouldn’t be an issue.

2022 NFL Top 10 Fantasy quarterbacks

#7: Dak Prescott

Dak had a great year with only 10 INTs and over 4 thousand yards. Best of all he gets lots of chances due to his defense’s take-aways. Dallas might not go deep into the playoffs due to their lack of offensive depth, but this is a solid fantasy pick for racking up wins during the season. Dak is safe and can air it out to Lamb when he needs to. Elliot might be slowing down, but he is a hell of a blocker and should help Dak find the open man.

#8: Joe Burrow

Burrow to Chase was the revelation of the year. If they could give MVP to a duo they would surely take it, hands down. If this new offensive line they’ve gathered lives up to its hype, Joe Burrow might end up much higher on this list very soon.

#9: Russell Wilson

Wilson was the only thing keeping the Seahawks offense going in their later years and his numbers should take a huge leap in Denver. They’ve had the weapons for years with no QB to sling it, and Russ should easily get 4k yards with under 15 INTs.

#10: Kyler Murray

Murray and the Cardinals are still figuring it out, but man can they sling the rock. Hollywood Brown and Kyler Murray could be a huge connection that will make up for the Deandre Hopkins suspension. More Hail Murray’s would make any fantasy owner happy.

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