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Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, & A Lying Putz – Week 10 Sports Van – QB Edition

It’s Thursday, day 1 of week 10 for the 2021 NFL season. Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, and one lying putz are on my mind today. Let’s jump in the Sports Van and take these subjects around the neighborhood.

Dak Prescott & Matthew Stafford – The Morning After

Prescott and Stafford both sucked last week. Dallas Cowboys and LA Rams’ pundits and fans have broken down the reasons why ad nauseam. The game plan, the play calling, the blocking, the routes, the receivers, the defenses, the weather, the Mayan calendar, and Q’Anon have all had fingers pointed at them when in truth, from time to time, even great QB’s foul the air with crap games. That’s what happened last weekend to two of the best QB’s in the league.

You never know when a QB will float an air-biscuit like last week, let alone two of them, yet we do know what most likely comes the week after such a performance. An explosion of a different type. It’s called domination. Put another way, the defensive coordinators for both the Atlanta Falcons and the 49ers are not happy. They know they just missed the window and will be facing a man-on-fire at the QB position. If your fantasy D is one of those two teams, you are in trouble. Not only will both QB’s be hot, but their teams will also rally behind their respective leaders. Look for both offenses to rain points.

One Lying Putz – aka:Aaron Rodgers

Ahh, the lying putz. Aaron Rodgers and his team are trying to shift the narrative into a back-forth about COVID treatments. I’m not falling for that. I want to ask why Aaron Rodgers thinks it’s ok to lie. Rodgers didn’t jokingly mislead someone about why he got home late the night before a game. Rodgers straight-up lied to a direct question on a subject that kills people. When asked if he was vaccinated Rodgers’ replied “yes. …” and there you go. He lied. Others (Kyrie, Beasley, etc.) owned it and moved on. Sure, people give them the “Elvis lives” treatment but nobody hates them. Heck, they feel sorry for them. That’s not the case here. Rodgers’ ego is driving this train and no silver-spooned-13-year-old being told to clean up their room has done it any better.

Putz? Yeah, he is that, but he is so much more. Rodgers’ lie, then denial, then finger-pointing followed by more lies shows he is focused on one thing, himself, his ego, at the expense of all, and anyone else. His COVID misinformation is another topic. What has me is his lying. You are what you do, not what you say you are. Rodgers is trying to frame himself as a persecuted social warrior. Nope, Rodgers is a lying putz and that should be on the plaque of his eventual Hall of Fame bust.

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