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NFL Week 10 – Focus Time

It’s NFL week 10 and unlike in week 1 where even the Dallas Cowboys had a shot at the golden ring the reality of which teams are playoff-bound is starting to come into focus here in NFL Week 10.

NFL Week 10 – From 10k Away

By NFL week 10 those that are glued to their team are all too aware of the problems they face, the impact of the plethora of soft-tissue injuries and let’s not even get started on the Covid19 impact! When you are hyper-focused on one team it is pretty easy to forget what’s happening all around the league and how that will impact the race. Let’s take a look at items of note and focus more on the big picture. A ton of good contest out there this Sunday.

Eagles @ Giants in Battle for NFC Least

Philly is 3-4-1 sitting atop the NFC East and is struggling on both sides of the ball. The Giants are in last at 2-7 with a defense that is playing some ball and an offense that is finding it’s stride in spurts. The NFC East is like a slow train wreck. It makes for awesome football!

Jags @ Packers in Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Football Extravaganza

Jags are 1-7 and the Pack is 6-2 with Aaron Rodgers having a fantastic season. Expect a (lot) more of the same today.

Texans @ Browns in Who Cares Bowl

The title says it all. Other than to see which Baker Mayfield will show up today it’s a meeting of two teams with a ton of injuries that leave gaping holes in their schemes. Mayfield is the wild card. Though the Browns should win Mayfield could easily give the game to Texas.

Buccaneers @ Panthers as Brady Battles Father Time

Brady, Brady, Brady. The ultimate competitor in the NFL today is now firmly entrenched in what will ultimately be his last war, this time with father time. Brady has talent at the skill position but there are holes in the OLine that is allowing some pressure to get through. Tom doesn’t seem to be handling it as well as he has been able to in preceding seasons and the Bucs need a strong showing here to put the rumors about Brady to rest. The Panthers on the other hand are a tough out. Should be a great game.

Chargers @ Dolphins in Battle for 2021

Two teams that are showing they have the talent to compete in 2021 match up in NFL Week 10. Albeit the Chargers may have a new coach if they keep losing games in the fashion they have lately. Regardless, tune in to watch these two rookie QB’s play. This should be the beginning of a long and wondrous battles between the two signal-callers.

Broncos @ Raiders Just Because

Both teams have big problems but who cares? When these guys go at it the game is generally a pretty good matchup. The Raiders should have to many horses for Denver.

Bills @ Cardinals in Battles of the QB’s

Oh yea. You want to dial this game up. Two of the hotest QB’s in the NFL are facing off and seriously, you don’t want to miss it. Josh Allen vs Kyler Murray should be the billing as both field generals are the ommph for their teams. Think Patrick Mahomes vs Lamar Jackson.

49ers @ Saints Should is Saints to Lose

San Fran is just too beat up this season. New Orleans needs this victory and rarely passes up a chance with a wounded opponent.

Seahawks @ Rams – How Bad is ‘Hawks D?

Russell Wilson it seems may not be enough to overcome the negative the Seattle defense has become. The Rams are finding enough players to compete. This is anyone’s game UNLESS the ‘Hawks get a ground game going. If that happens all bets are off. If it happens.

Bengals @ Steelers – Pitt Ripe for Upset

The Steelers are the better team but have key injuries making them ripe for an upset from a Bengals team that is playing hot. Much like the Broncos/Raiders contest, these two teams don’t like each other at all. Good football will ensue.

Ravens @ Patriots – Can Bill Keep it Real?

Ravens should win. I would not bet money on it. Bill Belichick is on the other side and you just never know what he can/will dial-up on either side of the ball. If Cam Newton can play disciplined football the Pats have a chance. If.

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