NFL Camp News

NFL Training Camp News

It’s Sunday the 23rd of August and Twitter is on fire today! COVID testing is an issue and (of course) injuries are a thing. Let’s digest some NFL Training Camp news hot off the wire, shall we?

NFL Training Camp News

COVID 19 False/Positive Testing SNAFU

False/Positive test results are taking NFL heads for a spin. A lab in New Jersey has reportedly spit out a ton (the exact number is unconfirmed) of false/positive test and at least six teams (Browns, Bears, Bills, Jets, Steelers, and Vikings) changed up their Sunday practice plans as a result.

The NFL is investigating the cause and trying how to figure out a response that will be effective once the games start. 19 false/positives the day before games could cripple the offering the league is attempting to put forth. The individual teams are reacting with “an abundance of caution” according to one team official, and from site disinfections to schedule changes, teams are reacting with speed and purpose.

Ravens Cut Earl Thomas

Million-dollar talent. Five cent head. The Baltimore Ravens cut the former All-Pro safety and his $10 million guaranteed salary, reportedly, for “conduct detrimental to the team” thus voiding the guarantee. This after being sent home for a couple of days after an altercation with a teammate carried on throughout the practice session.

Thomas famously gave former head coach Pete Carroll the bird as he exited the game on the injury cart in Seattle. He wanted to get paid and/or traded to the Cowboys. He departs the Ravens having been paid $22 million for last year’s services. The NFLPA will almost undoubtedly appeal the action by the team. Yet these things go to hand-picked arbitrators who seemingly have the leagues point of view ingrained in their thought processes. Regardless, Thomas will be a free agent once the clock ticks 4 PM EST today and most NFL teams can use an upgrade at safety. The Dallas Cowboys have to be considered a potential landing spot as Thomas has been angling towards playing for them quite a few years. The ball will soon be in his court.

Gronkowski Getting in “Florida Shape”

Rob Gronkowski is having a blast in camp, the game is starting to slow down for him again and he is VERY happy his body had over a year to heal. It needed it.

”Let me tell you, the first couple practices, it definitely felt weird. The game was really fast when I first got out there again. The defense felt really fast …. ‘As time goes on and as the days go on, I feel better about myself being out there. My confidence keeps going up, the game is slowing down.”

Rob Gronkowski

But it’s a huge difference playing in Florida and dealing with the humidity. Head Coach Arians had an offhand comment about the subject mentioning Gronk seemed to be in “New England shape, not Florida shape.”

“”The humidity is definitely a game-changer. … I would definitely say that I’m adapting.”

Rob Gronkowski

Cam Newton Looks Like NE QB

Jarrett Stidham continues to miss time and Newton is finding his WR’s in drills. He is not Brady efficient by any means but Cam is dropping dimes and finding his way. The more reps he gets the more at ease he will be with the way the Pats run their routes. The foot injury seems to be a think of the past. The reported “bone on bone” shoulder situation is the area of most concern. It’s still early in camp. So far, Newton has looked solid.

Check back soon for more camp news!

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