Todd Gurley 2019 Fantasy Outlook

#14 RB Todd Gurley 2019 Fantasy Outlook

Todd Gurley (LA Rams)

6'1", 227 lbs

Something is up with the young RB one way or another and that is why it's always tough to grade the Todd Gurley 2019 Fantasy Outlook. When healthy he could be the number one overall player in fantasy football. But with the way he was shut down in the postseason, and with rumors or arthritis in his knee, he is a major risk in 2019.

At some point in the draft, Gurley is worth a pick, the question is just where. This is straight gambling, which is not what you want to do with high picks. The LA Rams drafted Darrell Henderson in the 3rd round of the draft which makes it an even bigger roll of the dice.

If he's healthy and is even 80% of his former self, you still get RB1 numbers and fantasy points. If that knee is worse than we know and he doesn't get the touches, you lose your league after spending that kind of draft capital.

Watch him in camp before you make this pick, but they will keep him in bubble wrap so it's going to be a tough call. If you pull the trigger, try to get him later, and handcuff him with Henderson. Good luck, I will pass.

Todd Gurley 2019 Fantasy Outlook

Ceiling- 1200 rushing, 250 receiving, 10 TD's

Floor, 550 rushing, 100 receiving, 3 TD's

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