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Why Cowboys Contract Talks Stalled with Dak

Ever wondered why Cowboys contract talks stalled with Dak Prescott? The Cowboys franchise-tagged Dak in March and then signed former Bengal Andy Dalton as his deputy earlier this month. What does this mean for the former fourth-round pick from Mississippi State?

Firstly, let's note that Dak has been paid a total of $4.9m over his first four years in the league. This includes contracts and incentives. This is paltry for a QB of his calibre, that is just the way the chips fell for him.

Contract talks between Dak the Cowboys have been ongoing for nearly a year. During this time, it is believed they two parties were miles apart in terms of a deal.


Stats don’t lie

Dak was thrown in the deep end in his first season when incumbent Tony Romo went down with a back injury in preseason training.

He took the Cowboys to 13-3 that season won the rookie of the year and performed well above his pay grade. Not bad for a fourth-rounder.

It is, of course, his playoff ability that is in question. Just one win from three playoff appearances.

Sure, we know he can sling the pill and has grown into a fine QB, but he and his agents asking price is ridiculous for a guy who can’t perform on the biggest of stages.

The rumours surrounding a $40m/season price tag are true. No one in their right mind is worth that much money in this market. He needs to remember there were a plethora of good QBs on the market this offseason.

Names like Cam Newton, Ryan Tannehill, Marcus Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater, Phillip Rivers and Case Keenum were all available for teams this offseason and could’ve easily slotted into a system with offensive weapons to burn.

Another point of contention is, being the QB for the Dallas Cowboys brings with it a lot of attention and a lot of money-making opportunities. A player might be slightly under paid, but you can make millions off the field just by being part of Americas Team.

andy dalton trade

Signing Andy Dalton

Dalton had been a strong presence in the NFL for years and he could take over the role from Dak without a hiccup. Let’s be honest, I could be QB with this offensive unit.

Dalton was to be usurped at the Bengals by LSU’s favourite son Joe “The Tiger King” Burrow.

I strongly believe Dalton has been hired as a man to put pressure on Dak. Dalton moves back to Texas for the first time in years and will push Dak all the way.

This is being used as a motivational tool for Americas QB to pull his finger out and have a serious crack.

No one in their right mind thinks that Dalton is a replacement for Dak but if push comes to shove, Dalton can easily do the job.

Dallas Cowboys - Dak Prescott, Tyron Smith, La'el Collins

What is next

Dak is a good QB but he is not elite. He is certainly disposable. The Cowboys tend to show a lot of faith in their QBs even if it is to their detriment at times.

This year will make or break Dak Prescott. Under the franchise tag, he will make $30m plus for his efforts.

A new HC in Mike McCarthy and a continued relationship with OC Kellan Moore are sure to raise his game. Couple that with one of the best groups of offensive weapons in the league, Dak must perform.

The addition of CeeDee Lamb to a group containing Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper and RB Zeke Elliott are sure to make them a formidable unit this season.


The Verdict of Cowboys Contract Talks Stalled with Dak Prescott

Just like Jason Garrett last season, Dak is under pressure to perform.

Anything less than TWO playoff wins, the Cowboys let him walk.

But that is just my opinion. Leave your thoughts below.

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