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Curtis Samuel – Running Back/Wide Receiver/Returner – Ohio State, Big Ten

DOB – August 11, 1996

Height – 5’11”

Weight – 196 lbs

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Quick, fast, versatile, all-purpose threat with intense desire, a great motor and incredible vision. 128.8 all purpose yards a game and 15 touchdowns last season for Ohio State. Stop on a dime and give you nine cents change. Makes you look foolish in space but still has the smooth speed that gets a player open deep. Understands patterns and how they work. Explosive out of his break. Yards after the catch nightmare. Shows the nimble feet to take a double move over the top or break it back sharply on the comeback route. Matchup nirvana.


Scheme didn’t ask him to block. Press coverage can frustrate him. Fights the ball in the air. Body catches too often. Wasn’t used in downfield routes nearly as often as NFL teams would have liked to see. a bit lite for a RB and a bit short for an outside WR.

Pro Comparison:

Reggie Bush is his ceiling, Keith Marshall is his floor.

Overall Review:

Though not carrying the weight NFL teams prefer for a bell-cow running back who cares? Samuel is a muscular 5’11” who caries his game-day frame well. Today’s NFL is about matchups and how you can exploit them. Too quick to be covered by a linebacker and a powerful handful for a defensive back Curtis is a dream come true for a versatile offensive coordinator that can use him in space. Think back to how Scott Linehan used Reggie Bush with the Lions. Samuel brings that kind of skill set to the party. A home-run threat from anywhere on the field, this talented football player is going to make some fan base very happy on draft day.

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