The Sports Van - Cowboys Leadership Urban Legend 4/16/20

The Sports Van - Cowboys Leadership Urban Legend 4/16/20

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QB is the link but Jerry Jones is the common thread in this, the Sports Van Cowboys Leadership Edition, COVID Quarantine Day 4,785.

Why wait? Let's cruise the world of sports! Today, we hang out in Dallas Texas.

The Dallas Cowboys have a (lack of) leadership problem that has been going on since Troy Aikman left town whether they want to admit it or not.

Rather than just make a blanket statement I would like to offer some prime examples, which by no means are singular in occurrence. To whit:

Most recently it was a Corona 19 lockdown birthday bash get-together at free-agent, franchise-tagged QB Dak Prescott's house for his buddy, Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott that got reported to the cops as 30 people. Dak explained via social media it was only about 10. No arrest was made but it really makes you want to run out and plunk down 35-40 million a year on a guy to "lead" your team as well as feel good about the millions you are already paying your RB/pseudo-team-leader.

There is a leadership problem in Dallas.

Just before that it was Dak and former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant sharing a bro-hug pic at their COVID 19 lockdown workout as the former Cowboys, current free-agent buddies worked out together with a few other guys then shared it all on social media. Yep, leadership by example in action here by both guys. Of course, Dez has always been a "team-first guy." Right?

Dallas Cowboys Leadership problem...

Should anyone be surprised by Prescott and his lack of leadership? He comes with a squeaky-clean rep, the guy who picks up a missed toss at the trash bin on game day. But there is the rub. It's an image. This is also the same guy who got a DUI during the draft process, then got it thrown out in court on a technicality setting the example we should have been looking at since day one.

There is a problem with Cowboy's leadership.

Flashback to the infamous Cabo San Lucas trip by then Cowboys QB Tony Romo and WR Terrell Owens a week before their 2007 playoff game against the Giants. They ended up looking like a couple of guys coming back from vacation against the G-Men. Romo threw for 201 yards, 1 TD, and 1 Int. Owens had 4 receptions for 49 yards and 1 TD. Leadership by example in action.

There is a leadership problem in Dallas.

QB and WR are the common thread here but Jerry Jones is the one cooking the soup and his hands are all over the recipe. He continues to publicly support "his guys" as well as bring other "leadership-challenged" individuals on board to deal with.

In 2015 it was former Panthers sack-master and a current public menace to women Greg Hardy who Jerry Jones decided to "give another chance." That lasted one lackluster, embarrassing season.

There is a Cowboys leadership problem.

Most recently Jerry and the company have decided to give former 49ers All-Pro DL Aldon Smith another day in the sun. Here is a "quick" rundown of his rap sheet. You may want to refresh your coffee first.

2012 - Suspicion of DUI, stabbed twice.
2013 - Single car accident, suspicion of DUI, marijuana. Rehab sting. 3 felony charges for an assault weapon, house party incident in 2012.
2014 - False bomb threat arrest at LAX. Pleads no contest to the above charges.
2015 - Arrested in Santa Clara County for DUI, hit and run, and vandalism. Cut by 49ers, signed by Raiders. Suspended by the league.
2016 - Periscope video shows a man who "might be Aldon Smith" smoking drugs. Smith denies drug use then checks into a clinic.
2017 - Under investigation for a possible domestic incident. Smith is a passenger in a car that strikes two San Francisco Police Officers. His girlfriend was driving and got arrested on suspicion of DUI. Smith is detained for public intoxication. Plea deal reached.
2018 - Police seeking Smith as he reportedly "fled the scene" of a domestic violence incident after drinking two bottles of tequila. Claims his recent visit to an abuse treatment facility was set up by his ex's parents. Turns himself in for violating a court order.

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