19/20 NFL Super Bowl PreGame Predictions

Super Bowl PreGame

Super Bowl LIV PreGame - Just the Facts

It's Super Bowl Sunday and there is a TON of information out there. Here, we are going to deal with the salient facts you need to be aware of for your Super Bowl PreGame.

Will SuperBowl LIV be a Blowout?

Hardest question first. Frankly, either team has the capability to create one. The 49ers offense can get hot, don't get me wrong, but the road to dominance will rely on their defense finding a way to create turnovers and splash plays vs Mahomes in conjunction with putting up touchdowns versus field goals.

The Chiefs do it with opportunistic defense driven by their high-octane offense, IE - Mahomes Magic. Can the Chiefs stop the run? Not really. Can the shutdown a passing attack? Nope. What they can do is create negative plays and turnovers in bunches which their offense turns into points.

Will it be a blowout? I don't think so. There will be points scored. The balance may be skewered for a quarter or so but these teams are built to play on both sides of the ball. I'm looking for a hell of a ball game that is decided in the 4th quarter.

What are SuperBowl LIV's Best Matchups?

Oh snap!?!? The best? That is actually easy. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid versus history. Like Tom Landry before him, Reid is the guy who "can't win the big game!" Is this in his head? You know it is. Yet also like Landry in his first Super Bowl win, Reid has never had such a talented roster on hand before.

Is this Reid's year? I actually think it could be.

Is Mahomes Magic Real

Yes. Mahomes is the da man you want to have in your team in every big game.

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49ers Offensive MVP - Jimmy G or Kittle?

I love Jimmy Garoppolo. He is a throwback QB IMO. He doesn't seem to care about the stats. Troy Aikman is the most recent QB I see in his mold. It is almost impossible to gauge the value of such an approach as it is measured in the stats of those around him. He can throw 10 passes and win a game with a smile.

George Kittle is a mismatch nightmare. The 49ers will have to skew their defense to deal with him. Even when not putting up numbers he affects the game as the defense was called with him in mind. Let alone what he can do with his blocking. A QB handles the ball on every down yet Kittle affects the play on every down, one way or another.

It's a toss-up. But think about this. Kittle can have a subdued game and the team can still win. If Jimmy G has a bad game? It's over.

Secret Weapon

Deebo Samuels. He goes off, 49ers win.

Is 49ers D All Hype?

Nick Bosa, DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Dee Ford. They will hurt you on every down no matter if you call a run or a pass. Fred Warner, Dre Greenlaw, and Kwon Alexander are a SOLID LB corps and Warner is a legitimate field general who can play sideline to sideline vs the run or the pass. Richard Sherman. Sure, I could list other guys. GOOD guys. But why bother. Richard Sherman. Oh yea. I want to see that Super Bowl. Bring it.

Check out our Youtube channel for Super Bowl LIV highlights and best play breakdowns.

What do you bet your money on the bookie favorite, 49ers, or the underdog, Chiefs? Either way, this year's Super Bowl is gonna be a great show and many more folks will watch and talk about it!


Pats ain't in it!

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