49ers top 10 plays

49ers Top 10 Plays of 2019

When you finish the season 13-3 and get the number one seed; there is a nice assortment of great plays during your season. The 49ers have had played great on both sides of the ball and some of these plays truly defined their season. Here are the 49ers Top 10 plays of 2019

10 – 49ers sack Mason Rudolph

As close as the NFC was every game was important. We didn’t realize that though in the 49ers third game of the season against the Steelers. One of the offenses’ sloppiest games when they turned the ball over five times it was the defense that stepped up. After Dante Pettis scored the go-ahead touchdown it was 3rd-3 the Steelers still had a shot but when the 49ers rushed only four and still managed to sack Rudolph forcing a fourth and long the game was pretty much over after that. The fourth-down throw would be incomplete, and the 49ers improved to 3-0

9 – George Kittle touchdown vs Packers

You can make a highlight reel on George Kittle alone. But this particular play squeezed the last bit of life out of the Aaron Rodgers led Packers. When Rodgers is your opponent you can never count them out. Rodgers had just led the Packers on a long eight-minute drive that cut the 49ers lead to 15. Jimmy Garoppolo comes out and leads the 49ers on a two-play drive capped off by the Kittle 61-yard touchdown to squeeze what life the Packers had left straight out their body.

8 – Jeff Wilson Touchdown

When the game is on the line most teams put it in the hands of a player that has taken no offensive snaps for the entire game. Well actually they don’t but the 49ers did when they came back to beat the Cardinals on the Jeff Wilson touchdown. After the game head coach Kyle Shanahan commented how he saw Wilson stretching in the huddle to loosen up. He said he was nervous, but Wilson was the one who ran the play in practice and so his number was the one who was called.

7 – Matt Breida Touchdown vs Browns

After the defense held the Browns and forced a punt on Monday night the offense came for their turn. Matt Breida would take the opening handoff 83-yards to the house. Next-Gen stats would clock Breida going 22.3 mph. That’s fast, like really fast. The play would set the tone for the whole game as they dominated the helpless Browns.

6 – Richard Sherman Interception vs Browns

It wasn’t only the offense that dominated those helpless Browns, but it was the defense as well. After Breida showed off how fast he was the Browns would come out and try to get something going themselves.

Narrator: They did not get anything going on offense

Baker Mayfield’s had to rush his first pass after the Breida touchdown thanks to some pressure from rookie defensive end Nick Bosa. The pass would find itself in the hands of one Richard Sherman. Not bad for the old man.

5 – Emmanuel Sanders 3rd-16 vs Rams

This was not the first 3rd-16 the 49ers would convert on this drive, but it was the longest and the one that would set up Robbie Gould for the game-winning field goal. The 49ers had just lost to the Falcons and any hopes at the number one seed and bye rested on them not losing any more. With the game tied and everyone still wondering if Jimmy Garoppolo could be clutch, he showed up with a 46-yard bomb to a wide-open Emmanuel Sanders.

4 – Nick Bosa First Career Interception

The 49ers already had this game in the bag as they were beating the Panthers 41-13. But Bosa showed off his athleticism by pushing the offensive line to the ground and then jumping up and intercepting Kyle Allen’s pass intended for Christian McCaffery. He also displayed some nice moves returning the ball to the Carolina eight-yard line. As the commentator said Bosa was exhausted from being awesome.

3 – Fred Warner Interception vs Rams

Going back to the Rams game that 3rd and 16 would have been meaningless if not for Fred Warner’s pick-6 right before halftime. The Rams had been in the driver’s seat for the first 29 minutes of the game. They were already up 21-17 and were looking to add eve3n more points on the board until Fred Warner intercepted Jared Goff’s pass thanks to some pressure from Nick Bosa. Warner would take the ball to the endzone and give the 49ers their first lead of the game.

2- Dre Greenlaw Goal Line Stop

Rookie linebacker Dre Greenlaw probably wasn’t expecting to be playing in big moments like this one. But with the injury to Kwon Alexander, it was next man up. In the final game of the 100th season of the NFL Greenlaw would stop Seattle tight end Jacob Hollister inches away from the goal line. With everything on the line, the NFC West, the number seed, a bye, the rookie would forever cement himself in 49ers legendary.

1 – George Kittle 4th-2 vs Saints

It’s not easy to go into the Superdome and come away with a win. Since 1970 the Saints have never scored at least 46 points at home and lost…..until now. When the game is on the line who do you give it other than Jeff Wilson of course. The answer is THE best tight end in the league the #PeoplesTightEnd George Kittle. I can’t say anything that makes this play any more awesome than it already is, you have to just feast on the awesomeness that is Gorge Kittle.

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Check out the 49ers Top 10 Plays of 2019 YouTube Video below!

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