2017 NFL Draft Secret Gem, Running Back Teriyon Gipson

Every year there seems to be a couple of players that do not get the attention they deserve. Whether they don’t get a combine invite or get drafted a round or two later than their film says they should there is always that guy that leaves scouts and GM’s scratching their heads wondering how they slipped through the cracks. A player that fits this description to the “T” is New Mexico’s Teriyon Gipson.

Gipson is a four year player at New Mexico that was one of the more talented players the Lobos used in their high powered offense. Gipson plays with an impressive amount of speed that is hard to defend. Gipson matches that speed with great vision and when he see’s a hole he likes he hits it and defenders are normally left chasing after the #7 he wore on his back. The former New Mexico standout is the definition of “lighting in a bottle” standing at only 5’8″ tall and weighing in at 190 pounds but uses his size to his advantage to blow past opposing players with ease.

Gipson while training at Exo’s Training Facility in Florida was cool enough to answer some questions with me a few nights ago to really talk about what he can bring to a team at the NFL level.


Connor – Give everyone a brief description of who you are and where you’re from?

Teriyon Gipson – I’m Teriyon Gipson, I’m from Dallas, Texas. I went to Kimball High School and played College Football at the University of New Mexico. I play Running Back.


Connor – Have you been playing Football your whole life or was it something you got into later in life?

Teriyon Gipson – Yeah, I have been playing football my whole life, I have three older brothers that all play so when I became of age they put me right into flag football.


Connor – Interesting, did you start out out playing Running Back as a kid or at another position?

Teriyon Gipson – Yes, I played RB my whole life, I also played Defensive Back in High School.


Connor- I have you listed at 5’8 184 pounds is that your official height and weight now?

Teriyon Gipson – Yeah, I’m 190 pounds now though.


Connor – The first thing I notice when watching your film is your speed. Is that what you would consider your best attribute?

Teriyon Gipson – Yeah, I most definitely consider that one of my strongest. I also consider my vision as one of my greatest assets. 


Connor – How important is blocking and having the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield for you?

Teriyon Gipson – Yeah that’s big most definitely, for me being able to be used in the passing game is very important.


Connor – You being a combine snub in my opinion, when is your pro day and do you plan on doing everything at it? What kind of 40 yard dash number could we expect to see from you?

Teriyon Gipson – My pro day is on March 9th and yes I will do everything at my Pro Day. I don’t want to put a specific number on it but it should be a crazy time.


Connor – Is there a certain player in the NFL now or a former player that you find yourself studying/would compare yourself to the most?

Teriyon Gipson – Darren Sproles, I like his game a lot I think I could be used in a way similar to his role. With Darren it’s just so many similarities between us its hard to name them all, but the ones that stand out the most would be our ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and help out in the return game. That alone helps the team out with check downs for the quarterback and mismatches against linebackers that’s not fast enough to keep up which gives the offense an advantage and in the special teams game. Giving good field position for the offense or returning kicks or punts for touchdowns giving the team a greater opportunity to win and be successful on the offensive side of the ball.


Connor – So you have/have the ability to contribute on special teams?

Teriyon Gipson – Yeah, I was back deep on kick return this year for the first part of the season and I can also do punt return. I like it a lot and can see myself doing both at the next level. 


Connor – What in your game separates you from other Running Backs in this Draft?

Teriyon Gipson – I’m a game changer. We could be losing and have no momentum going and I can just get the ball and explode for a 80 yard touchdown. I can run around you, run from you you, or run through you. I’m a quick shifty physical runner. I can get you six points in seconds. That’s the difference between me and other running backs in this class.


Teriyon Gipson has a trait that can’t be taught and that’s speed. And he will use that in multiple ways like he listed above “I can run around you, run from you you, or run through you”. Gipson also offers the ability to be a factor on special teams in the NFL, something NFL teams value greatly when selecting in the draft.

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