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NFL Week 13 Review & Incredible Highlights via the Sports Van

NFL Week 13 Review

NFL Week 13 is one MNF whistle away from being put to bed. Did we learn anything this week we didn't already know? What did we know that was reinforced? What did we think we know that got turned on its head? Let's take a ride in the Sports Van and find out!

Bill Belichick & Bill O'Brien Shake Hands

The Texans beat the Patriots in a thrilling game this past Sunday (more on that below) and after the contest, Belichick gave O'Brien the briefest of handshakes on the field.

Make no mistake about it, this game was a battle royale (more below) but after the game, all the talking heads were going on about was "the handshake." It was too brief, Belichick wasn't gracious enough, O'Brien was offended, Belichick was upset, who cares?!  There was one heck of a game played and THAT should be the story. Handshake analysts between coaches is a super-market tabloid on steroids. This was one of the most exciting NFL Week 13 moments.

Bears vs Lions 24-20

The Bears win! All is good in Chicago and the club is back on track! Oh wait, I had kool-aid glasses on. DaBears “barley” beat a not very good Lions club and there are more questions than answers here.

Trubisky vacillates from QB-lost in-space to QB-think-too-much to blow-your-mind-QB. You figure out which one on any given play. GM Pace was instrumental in drafting Trubisky, firing HC Fox then hiring Nagy. Fox (reportedly) wanted Watson over Trubisky and that story, true or not is putting pressure on the club. The league has the book on the Bears offense and Nagy/Trubisky need to figure out how to move forward.

The Lions are what I call a “mindful mess.” If you believe in HC Patricia you understand he has a lot to do in overhauling not only the roster but the locker room culture of a losing team. He has had to ship talent out with little to talent in return in order to stay on course for his vision. If you are not a Patricia fan you are watching in horror as another losing season unfolds in real time before your eyes.

Patience Lions fans. You’ve lost for this long you can shoulder another couple. Patrica is a solid coach who knows his stuff. His team is playing hard for him. They are understaffed in the talent department. Give him another year.

The highlights below bring it home

Bills vs Cowboys 26-15

There is so much to unwrap here. 1st the winning team. The Buffalo Bill are for real. They showed it last season and they are building on that success on both sides of the ball. QB, RB, WR Corps, OLine this offense has all the boxes checked. DL, LB, DB’s on the other side of the ball as the Bills have playmakers at each level of the defense. Enjoy the ride Bills fans.

The Dallas Cowboys reflect their bombastic owner. Big on talent, big on boast, low end on production. It is what it is. Jason Garrett has been exposed. His team is not properly prepared and on game day he is getting out coached. Other than that it’s all peachy.

It’s not all on Garrett. He doesn’t pick the coaches. He is given them. His special teams are ill-prepared and are costing him games. He didn’t pick that coach. The front office ie. Jerry Jones holds the reigns and it is on him. Look for him to find a new sacrificial lamb/coach to take the head while he continues to install player-1st mentality in the locker room that hamstrings accountability and game day effectiveness.

The highlights below speak volumes

49ers vs Ravens 17-20

GAME OF THE SEASON! Yes, it was that good. The two best team in the NFL squared off in a Super Bowl preview and we were the winners. Ok, the Ravens logged a W as well and it wasn’t decided until the final second ticked off the clock!

Here is what we take from this: Lamar Jackson is in the conversation with Mahoney and Watson. These guys are insanely talented. The Ravens D is under-appreciated and this team has that oh so elusive ingredient “chemistry.” The 49ers D is insane. Garoppolo is a QB on the rise who is finding out how to play with this supremely talented roster.

So the two best team in the NFL met and if we are really, really lucky the highlights below will be replicated in the last game of the season!

Patriots vs Texans 22-28

Short story - Brady is still Brady. Patriots WR corps is vastly understaffed and are really missing Antonio Brown/Josh Gordon. The Texans have Deshaun Watson at QB, one of the new faces of the NFL. He is not an act. He is the real-deal. The Texans D has found their 3rd pass rusher sans J.J. Watt and the team has the Patriots formula down, play in a weak division and win big games.

Long story - there isn’t one. Check out the highlights below paying special attention to the lack of downfield plays in the Patriot passing game. Hard to get the running game going when the other team has zero fear of your WR crops. Welcome to Patriots 2019. Not going to change anytime soon unless they figure out a way to get the league to let Antonio Brown come play for them.

Ya, that would never happen, right?

Let me know how you liked the Sports Van NFL Week 13 Review

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