49ers vs Rams: Defense Wins Championships

49ers vs Rams: Defense Wins Championships

Defense Wins Championships

Defense Wins Championships by Joshua Griffith & Matt Woolsey

They used to say defenses win championships. But this isn’t your father’s NFL anymore, right? I mean this is the age of the offense where the rules make it easier on offense. I mean we have teams like the Chiefs where they are 3rd in the NFL in scoring and have a record of 4-1. The logic does seem to hold water. And yet the number one offense in terms of points is the Ravens with a record of 3-2.

There are two undefeated teams currently in the NFL, Patriots, and 49ers. Now the Patriots are second in scoring, but the 49ers are eleventh. But these two teams are first, the Patriots, and second, the 49ers, in points allowed. Despite being eleventh in scoring, the 49ers have scored 70 points more than their opponent. I know I will be accused of being Mr. Obvious but you don’t have to score the most in the NFL, just your opponent to win the game.

49ers vs Rams

The 49ers will be without their swiss army knife Kyle Juszczyk this Sunday verse the Rams. Juszczyk suffered an MCL sprain against the Browns that will knock him out 4-6 weeks. So, the 49ers may need to lean a little more on that balling defense against the current NFC champions.

That defense is now led by a healthy and dominating Nick Bosa. Last Monday against the Browns Bosa made a permanent home in the Browns backfield. He even planted his flag.

But 49er fans should still believe in Kyle Shanahan and his play calling. Even though they will be without Juszczyk, Shanahan will still be able to scheme a group and pound game that has been putting up madden-like numbers all season long. All Jimmy Garoppolo needs to do is keep the turnovers and mistakes to a minimum as he did this past Monday Night and the 49ers will come out on top.

Rams Can't Put it all in Goffs Arm

Coming off a heartbreaking loss to another division rival on Thursday night against the Seahawks the Los Angeles Rams will be looking to rebound Sunday. One thing that will be in key against a team showing once again defense wins championships, keeping Jared Goff's pass attempts at a minimum and getting Todd Gurley more involved.

Image result for jared goff vs seahawks

In the Rams 3 victories this year Goff has kept his pass attempts all under 40 (38, 28 and 39) compared to the two losses where he had 49 and 68! Goff needs to do what got him such a large contract extension in the offseason, limit mistakes and hand it off. The Rams are going to need every weapon operating at full throttle if they don't want to look like the Browns did last week.

Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods will have to be a big part of not only the passing game but the blocking and running game to help things for Gurley. Sean McVay will need to try and confuse the 49er's talented pass rush with a lot of motion and misdirection.

Defense Wins Championships, So What Happened to the Rams Defense?

The 49er's defense is looking championship caliber this year, so what happened to the Ram's defense that helped them get to a Superbowl only 8 months ago? It wasn't like they were shutting out teams on a regular basis last year but they did win the turnover battle something they have been unable to do so far this year.

Aaron Donald still looks to be as deadly as ever but when he is getting a double and tripled team on almost every play you expect the rest of the defense to have more than 10 sacks combined. The only one who seems to want to get to the opposing quarterback is Clay Matthews who has 6 of the Rams Sacks in a comeback year but will be out at least a month with a broken jaw.


Forcing Jimmy Garappolo to beat them will be key. If the Rams think they can let Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman rush for 150 yards then it will be a long afternoon. Another key would have to be special teams as the 49ers have been strong in every aspect of the game so far this year. Not missing Field Goals would help too! Me bitter? of course not...

49ers Vs. Rams NFC West Showdown

There are still some people not giving the 49ers a lot of love despite the 4-0 start. Well, look at who they have played. Look at who the opposing quarterbacks have been. Can Garoppolo really go toe to toe with the Dak’s, the Wilson’s, and the Goffs of the NFL?

I think Richard Sherman had the best answer for those people:

“You want idiots to sound like idiots,” Sherman said after the Monday night victory against the Browns. “You want them to hold that position the same year. Don’t flip-flop with us. If you said we weren’t going to make it, that we were some way early on, stick with that position. Hold it. Don’t try to give us credit now. If you had us going 3-and-whatever, stick to your word, because I want you to sound like an idiot at the end.”

But now is their chance, beat the Rams and finally get the respect you deserve. This team is proven everyone wrong and when that defense makes itself comfortable in Jared Goff’s face they will continue to prove everyone wrong. 49ers will win 24-17.

This is a battle of two teams going different ways and as much as I would like to finish my Sunday off happy looking at the matchup I don't see it. As Matt has said defense wins championships. 49er's 21-10.

For more NFL content check out this week's AFC and NFC Power Rankings.

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