Bears lose to the Raiders in London

Why Did The Chicago Bears Lose to Raiders in London?

The Chicago Bears lose to the Raiders and the club needed to go overseas to realize it is flawed. 

It is hard to believe the Chicago Bears fall to the Raiders and that both teams have the same (3-2)  record. That is where Chicago finds themselves after another subpar performance and ultimately 24-21 loss to the Raiders. The defense cannot always save the day and on this Sunday they couldn't, they tried but failed.

Chase Daniel couldn't find his inner-starter to pull off a late-game win. At some point, the naysayers who believe he is better than Mitchell Trubisky have to look at the facts. Daniel has been in the league for 10 years going undrafted in 2009. He only has five starts under his belt for a reason. His two touchdowns and two untimely interceptions are as good as it gets.

This was a tale of two halves. Chicago's defense yielded 17 points in the first half. They gave up not one but two rushing touchdowns in the second quarter. They only gave up five rushing touchdowns all of last season. This is not really the point. The defense is not always going to win games although if there was a defense that could it is the Bears. They are going to have letdowns, especially if/when injuries mount. They looked sluggish all game perhaps the travel, maybe the injuries, or maybe they were just outmatched.

The offense was the concern. It has been all season so it is no surprise that the running game has yet to challenge the opposing defense. They accumulated 42 yards on the ground on 17 attempts. That is good for 2.5 yards/carry. The line is a mess and so far this season has been outclassed by every opposing defense. The switch between Cody Whitehair and James Daniels at the center and the left guard position has yet to yield any promise. Former mauler and pro bowler Kyle Long is a shell of himself at right guard. He was constantly overmatched all day against a mediocre Raiders front seven.

This game falls on the Bears coaching staff. Offensive guru Matt Nagy has been outclassed most of this season. John Gruden reminded the league the old dog can still learn new tricks. His game plan shocked the Bears and Nagy and Company have yet to make any in-game adjustments or call a competent offensive scheme.

The Bears enter a bye week in search of answers. The good thing is teams find themselves every season. This is no different but Chicago's offense must make adjustments to fit the personnel. Nagy needs to find a solution fast because the schedule only gets harder from here on out. If Chicago expects to have consistency as an organization, they will have to prove they can adjust and adapt on the fly.

The Bears take the field in Week 7 against the Saints. Drew Brees is rumored to have targeted this game as his return from a thumb injury that has sidelined him. This is a perfect opportunity for Chicago to define its season against a perennial playoff team.

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Until then, stay thirsty and BEAR DOWN! JT out.

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