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Flip the switch! It's the NFL Insider, where we talk about what is being reported and what it means. For Oct 3rd, 2019 Stefon Diggs is barking for bank. The Patriots settle for what's available. Bruce Arians is aware of sports cliches. The Jaguars owner Shad Khan is a shrewd man at the negotiating table. The Cowboys Elliott has some 'splaining to do and in Arizona the king is dead. Long live the king.

Stefon Diggs Unhappy

Let's cut to the chase of what we know. The Vikings defense, let alone Diggs, has had a rough start to the season and last Sunday's loss was a real kick in the chest. Diggs signed the big contract ($72 million extension) last offseason but his production is down. Way down. And the stats he does get are what we often refer to as "garbage stats."

NFL Networks Rapoport reported after the game that "despite Diggs' frustration, the team is adamant he's not available for a trade, barring a massive offer." Which is the same as saying "He is available for a massive offer."

" ... a massive offer." - Vikings Admit Diggs Available for Trade

Make no mistake about it. Diggs doesn't like the ground-chuck offense being employed right now and has made it known he wants a change. That can come in all sorts of ways. The team has turned around and let it be known to the league they realize his value BUT Diggs can be had for the right price.

This will get uglier before it gets better. Welcome to the new norm in the NFL.

Patriots Sign Kicker

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network is reporting it's a done deal and hey, the NFL Network is the defacto media arm of the NFL, right? They usually get this stuff correct. This means Bill Belichick looked around the league and took the best that was available by signing kicker Mike Nugent. Not that much of a youth upgrade as Nugent is 37 himself. He has been around the league, can split the uprights and has done so from 50 yards plus. The Pats kicked the tires on everybody. Meet your new, 2019 kicker Patriot Nation!

Bruce Arians on WR Corps

In what I find a perfect example of setting the coach up for a cliche answer the cliche question had to do with what the coach would be doing in the future with the most productive wide receiver pair in the NFL. The coach gave 'em what they asked for.

"Just keep throwing them the damn ball." - Coach Arians on WR duo Evans and Godwin

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are on fire. Like any good coach, Arians isn't about to fix something that isn't broken. The only time you do that is when you are in the Super Bowl and have the best power running back in football while on the 1-yard line and are going to put the game away. THEN you throw a pass to a poorly run slant so a rookie DB can intercept it and cost you the game.  Got it?

Shad Khan Jalen Ramsey

Much like above it's the disgruntled player vs the team. Here we have savvy owner Shad Khan who has countered Ramsey's trade demands by explaining to the NFL the Jaguars are NOT interested in a trade and what is best for Ramsey and the Jags is for the two to come together. Khan has reportedly offered to get Ramsey off his rookie deal and pay him like the best CB in football he is.

"  best thing for Jaguars" - Khan on keeping Jalen Ramsey

Regardless of the move by Khan, the acrimonious air between Ramsey and GM Tom Coughlin may not be cleared by a market value contract for arguably the best CB in the NFL and some public ego-stroking. Ramsey has made it clear this is personal and has told his agent he can no longer work for "this man."

A different approach by ownership, same future in the 8-ball. It's going to get uglier before it gets better.

Ezekiel Elliott Kellen Moore

Last Sunday the Cowboys were beaten by the Saints in a LOW scoring game, 10-12. This after hanging up 30-burgers like it was nothing the previous weeks. The thing that jumped out to my eyes was how Kellen Moore (miss)used Ezekiel Elliott. Gone was the creative moment in the backfield and advantageous down-distance setups. Instead, Zeke was constantly sent to run inside with little else for the Saints defense to key on whenever he was given the ball. If Morre was trying to be unique, he wasn't. The approach echoed some of the worst games previous offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan turned in. No matter which coordinator was running it, Zeke was not productive.

The Packers are up next. They have a snappy defense as well. It's time for the Cowboys to get Moore out of Elliott this week. Pun intended.

Bill Bidwell Passes

Bill Bidwell, the long-time owner of the Arizona Cardinals has passed. A moment of silence is warranted. However, respectfully, to then trot out paragraphs of homage never once mentioning the man was instrumental in steering the team through one of the worst periods in NFL history while relocating the team from loyal fanbases in Chicago, then St. Louis, is mind-boggling. I was there. I watched the Cards as they were the Browns during his hands-on tenure. They lost. They lost a lot. They lost big. They lost in heartbreaking fashion. He was famously cheap and had a horrible reputation with the players in the league. Not until his son took over and direct control was released did the team show any spark.

In 1947 with the wife taking over from the husband the Cards won the League Championship. Bidwell's father was considered one of the founders of the NFL having purchased the team in '32. After his wife helped guide the team to the Championship it went downhill.

  • 1948 - Lost League Championship
  • 1949 - 6-5-1
  • 1950 - 5-7-0
  • 1951 - 3-9-0
  • 1952 - 4-8-0
  • 1953 - 1-10-1
  • 1954 - 2-10-0
  • 1955 - 4-7-1
  • 1956 - 7-5-0
  • 1957 - 3-9-0
  • 1958 - 2-9-1
  • 1959 - 2-10-1
  • 1960 - 6-5-1

I can't go on. It's too depressing. Botton line, until he relinquished control of the team it sucked. No wonder the other owners loved him. You have to beat someone for them to dislike you.

A moment of silence is indeed warranted. However, I am not the guy you would hire to write the obituary. Trust me.

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