bucs vs rams nfl week 4 matchup

An Intriguing NFL Week 4 Matchup: Bucs vs Rams Sunday 2019

Getting It On Back On Track Vs. Keeping It Going, NFL Week 4 Matchup Bucs vs Rams Sunday 2019

It will be a battle between two teams both wanting to go the same direction, but so far going different ones to start the year. Week 4's matchup is between the NFL LA Rams TB Buccaneers Sunday 2019 and while the Rams look to improve on their 3-0 record they will have to do it against a Tampa Bay team that hasn't looked all that bad. They should probably be 2-1 instead of 1-2 but a late collapse against the New York Giants last week has them in desperate need of a win this week.

Jamies Winston is trying to become the Quarterback that Tampa needs after the failed Connor McGregor, I mean Ryan Fitzpatrick experiment didn't work out.  A turn around this week would do big things especially since the NFC South looks so wide open this year with injuries to both Drew Brees and Cam Newton. He can't do it all, especially against the Rams defense so head coach Bruce Arians will have to come up with ways to stop the pass rush from eating him alive.

The Los Angeles Rams are the home team and should come in as heavy favorites they have the better more experienced team on paper and after making the SuperBowl last year against the New England Patriots these are games they are expected to win. The Rams Haven't looked good lately and while they might be 3-0 it does not show how they have played in their first 3 games this season, especially last week against the Cleveland Browns.

Rams Barely Held Off The Browns

The Sunday night primetime game in week 3 was supposed to live up to the hype of two super-powered offenses featuring names like Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Brandon Cook, Cooper Kupp for the away team. And Bakey Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., Nick Chubb, and David Njoku for the home team.  We were in for a treat!

Image result for Jared Goff week 3Image result for OBJ week 3

Punt, Punt, Punt, Field Goal, Field Goal end of the 1st Quarter. Punt, Punt, Missed Field Goal, Punt, Fumble, Field Goal and that was the first half summed up. It wasn't good to read because it wasn't good to watch. Thankfully for Rams fans, the second half was a bit better. Starting with these two on defense. (Pictured Below)Image result for aaron donald week 3

The Rams got it going on offense in the second half outscoring the Browns 17-7. 2 second half Touchdowns from Goff to Kupp and the adjustments Sean Mcvay made to the run game allowed them to stay on the field as long as they needed while giving the D the chance to start making a run at Mayfield.

Aaron Donald got his first sack of the year and only fitting Clay Matthews, whose dad had a ceremony at halftime being inducted into the browns ring of honor, had 2 sacks. While it should have been enough to get a victory Goff made timely mistakes and gave the ball back to Cleveland with a chance to win the game at the end of the clock. He was bailed out, like the rest of the game, by his defense when John Johnson picked it off in the endzone on 4th down to seal it.

This won't be a winning formula for the Rams. For the club to come out victorious when the Bucs vs Rams happens this Sunday 2019 they will need to fix some things, mostly on the offensive side of the ball.

Buccaneers Fall To Giants and Rookie Quarterback

The Tamp Bay Buccaneers had the complete opposite they started off strong against the New York Giants scoring on all of their drives in the first half and lead 28-10 at the end of the second quarter. It was looking to be a blowout and the Giants woes would continue. Jameis Winston and Mike Evans connected for 3 first half Touchdowns and the defense was making Daniel Jones look like a Rookie.

Image result for jameis winston mike evans

Fast forward to the second half where Tampa did everything they could possibly do to not win the game.  Punt, Punt, Interception, Field Goal, Punt, Missed FG and zero's on the clock. The Defense failed to come out for the second half making Jones look great scrambling for the TD and the win on 4th down.

The Bucs did have a chance at the end of the game to go down and win it with a field goal but they had used all of their offense up in the first half. They do have some positives to look forward to if they don't count the second half, Mike Evans had 8 catches for 190 yards and the 3 TD's and Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber rushed for 128 yards on a combined 27 carries. Keeping the ball in the two running backs will help give Winston more time when they do pass.

Rams Vs Bucs NFL Week 4 Matchup

The Los Angeles Rams will be favored going into this matchup and while they are at home I am sure Tampa will take some hope in their only win this year came on the road, they are hoping it can translate into a win in Bucs Vs. Rams Sunday 2019.

If LA hopes to come out of this one on top then Goff and the offense are going to have to figure it out because you can't expect the Defense to have a standout game all the time. Goff would be better set against Tampa to not try and force anything in and take what's given to him. Several times last game he had an easy check down for a first but elected to try and force one into a tight spot for incompletions or a pick.

Eye's will once again be on Gurley as no one in the NFL has quite figured out what he is going to be this year. Similar to how his eyes were on the interesting Twitter feud that happened today between Antonio Brown and teammate Eric Weddle.

Tampa will need to play a full 60 minutes if they want a chance to be in the game come the 4th quarter. Eliminating mistakes and keeping the LA offense off the field will also help, they need to have a steady dose of running plays to limit the dangerous Rams pass rush.  a big play here or there would go a long way and Shaquil Barret will look to pick up where he left off last week when he had 6 tackles, 4 sacks, and 2 Forced Fumbles.

Since my scores have not even been close I am just going to go with the result prediction, cause I am 2/2 on those! I don't think Bucs vs Rams will be close Rams move to 4-0.

For more content on the NFL check out the Week 3 NFC and AFC Power Rankings.

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